Meet Our Staff | Erin Plitt, Human Resources Assistant

March 19, 2024

By Erin Plitt


It wasn’t until I was a college freshman living in a dorm room in the Bronx that I realized just how lucky I was to grow up on eastern Long Island; and how few of my peers knew just how special of a place it is. It was a real thorn in my side anytime I shared ‘Where are you from?’ during an icebreaker, and my classmates assumed that LI was just your average suburbia for the working class of NYC to commute home to. I pleaded with them, ‘have you seen the sunny beaches and rich farmland? Studied the complex history or diverse landscapes and wildlife? I mean, we have native cacti and four full seasons, how cool is that?’

Despite my efforts to convince them with words, it wasn’t until I started bringing close friends out to visit that they began to understand the magic. ‘Pick a body of water’ I would offer, bragging really, that in a day we could spontaneously visit the ocean, bay, sound, ponds, or rivers without having to pack a lunch.

And if we did stop for lunch, the food would always impress. With options from farm fresh veggies to delicious seafood. If it was a special occasion maybe even some local duck, and my house is known to put on a pig roast… and don’t even get me started on the plethora of local vineyards and breweries, every local has their favorites. As a graduating senior I gifted many local whisky or wine to friends and teachers.

As much as I loved my time at school in the city, Long Island had my heart and was the home I wanted to lay my roots in. Looking back, after working at all local businesses, including a vineyard and nonprofit, it seemed meant to be when I found the Trust hiring their ‘next crop’ of staff with a passion for LI culture and conservation.

In the six months I have been with the Trust, I am so grateful for the wisdom my new co-workers have shared with me. I feel incredibly lucky to be a member of the Trust team, there is such a wide range of talent and experience here. I am proud to help carry the Trust’s legacy, from 40 to forever!

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