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The Peconic Land Trust, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was established in 1983 by John v.H. Halsey and a small group of local residents to ensure the protection of Long Island’s working farms, natural lands, and heritage. Since 1983, the Trust has worked diligently with landowners, communities, municipalities, and partner organizations to protect 12,000 acres of land, conserving more working farms on Long Island than any other private conservation organization, and securing millions of dollars from the public and private sector for land protection.


Get to know the people who keep the Peconic Land Trust working day to day.

Meet the team

Boards and Councils

Our Board’s dedication to conserving Long Island’s working farms, natural lands and heritage is unmatched. The Trust’s Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the organization’s mission and setting policies to carry out the mission, and, as required by law, the oversight of the organization’s finances and operations. The Board works closely with its professional staff to determine and advance the Trust's strategic goals, as we work on behalf of our communities to protect the places we know and love. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Vice President Julie Zaykowski at 631-283-3195.

Edward Krug


Marcia Bystryn

Vice Chair

John v.H. Halsey


Nancy Gilbert


John E. Larkin

Assistant Treasurer

Jennifer B. Pike


Carol M. Ahlers

Nora J. Catlin

Harriet H. Dresher

Nancy Goell

Thomas A. Isles

James T. MacGregor

John S. Norbeck

E. Blair McCaslin

Board Chair Emeritus

Thomas B. Williams

Board Chair Emeritus

Peconic Legacy Circle members have let us know their intention to remember the Trust in their estate planning. Legacy gifts are among the most meaningful ways to ensure that Long Island’s beautiful beaches, clean water, working farms, majestic woodland and pristine wetlands will be protected for generations to come.

We thank all our Peconic Legacy Circle members for joining us in looking towards a future that values the working farms, natural lands and the heritage we all share. If you are interested in learning more or supporting the Trust, please contact Director of Development, Amanda Abraham, at 631-283-3195 or AAbraham@PeconicLandTrust.org.

  • Carol Mulvihill Ahlers and Ronald Ahlers
  • Maddy Beckwith
  • Glorian L. Berk
  • Thomas K. Chu
  • John and Candice Frawley
  • Nancy Gilbert and Richard Wines
  • Susan Gullia
  • Jean R. Held
  • Victoria Herbert
  • Jane T. Iselin
  • Kathleen King
  • Joe Mc Kay
  • Sandra Powers
  • Judith Saner
  • Rosa, Anthony, and Geneva Smith
  • Carol Steinberg

Trustees Council members support our work and further the Trust’s mission in both an advisory and honorary capacity. Council members are donors who gave at the $25,000 level or more in the past twelve months, and/or those who have made an extraordinary lifetime gift to the Trust.

If you are interested in learning more or supporting the Trust, please contact Director of Development, Amanda Abraham, at 631-283-3195 or AAbraham@PeconicLandTrust.org.

  • Louis M. Bacon
  • Kimberly and Matthew Cantor
  • Peg and Peter D'Angelo
  • Peggy and Millard Drexler
  • Candice and John Frawley
  • The Joyce & Irving Goldman Family Foundation
  • Sally and John Henry
  • The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
  • Kathleen King
  • Ron Lauder and Jo Carole
  • Sue Lonoff de Cuevas
  • The Makowski Trust
  • Nancy and Howard Marks
  • Thomas Moers Mayer and Jerri Sines Mayer
  • Sandra and Edward Meyer
  • Cheryl and Jim Reeve
  • Marc Rowan
  • Stephane Samuel and Robert M. Rubin
  • Barbara Slifka
  • Eric M. Wechsler and Philip A. Kovacevich
  • Philippa Weismann and Lucy Veltri
  • Megan and Ken Wright

Conservation Council members support our work and further the Trust’s mission in both an advisory and honorary capacity. Council members are annual donors who gave $5,000 to $24,999 in the past twelve months.

If you are interested in learning more or supporting the Trust, please
contact Director of Development, Amanda Abraham, at 631-283-3195 or

  • Carol Mulvihill Ahlers and Ronald Ahlers
  • Avalon Park & Preserve
  • The J. Baker Foundation
  • The Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation
  • Gregory Bauso
  • Kathleen Kmet Becker
  • Maddy Beckwith
  • Evan Mason and Gerrard Beeney
  • Ruth and Leonard Benowich
  • Glorian Berk
  • BNB Bank and Bridge Abstract
  • Claire Boody
  • Barbara Braun - The Neuwirth Foundation
  • Patricia Ann Brennan
  • Woodward Family Charitable Foundation
  • Marcia Bystryn
  • Kate Cassidy Foundation
  • Leslie and Cliff Cohen
  • Michael Coles and Edie Landeck
  • Comax Flavors
  • The Corcoran Group
  • Hatsy and Alan Dresher
  • Charles P. Durkin, Jr.
  • Susan Edwards and Ian Ziskin
  • Shelley and Steve Einhorn
  • RainyDay and John Erwin
  • William C. Dowling Jr. Foundation
  • Anna and Jim Fantaci
  • Ann ffolliott
  • Hans Flick and Celeste M. Kime
  • Joan Ganz Cooney
  • Susan and Gary Garrabrant
  • Nancy Gilbert and Richard Wines
  • Abraham and Mildred Goldstein Charitable Trust
  • Wade Guyton
  • Matthew Habermann
  • Anne and John Hall
  • Amy and Doug Halsey
  • George A. Hambrecht and Andrea H. Fahnestock
  • John and Sally Henry
  • Jonathan Hoefler and Carleen Borsella
  • The Houser Foundation
  • Bettysue Hughes
  • The David and Alice Hunt Family
  • Lisa and Sim Johnston
  • Enid and Robert Kay
  • James Kilpatric and Harry Neyens
  • Karin and David Kuhns
  • Judith and Alexander Laughlin
  • Jacqueline LiCalzi
  • Femmy Lundstrom
  • Carole Greene-Mavity and Richard Mavity
  • Joe Mc Kay
  • Meryl Meltzer, Romenesa Foundation
  • Joyce Menschel
  • Diana and Robert Mercer
  • Jessica Mezzacappa and John Zieman
  • Edward L. Milstein Foundation
  • Mary and Garrett Moran
  • Alison Morgridge
  • Olivia Motch
  • Amanda and Donald Mullen
  • Jan Nicholson
  • Katharine Rayner
  • Andrew Sabin Family Foundation
  • Judith Saner
  • Linda and Richard Schaps
  • Burt and Stanley Shaffer Foundation
  • Katja Goldman and Michael Sonnenfeldt
  • Stein Family, East Marion
  • Lauren Stone/Roger and Susan Stone Family Foundation
  • Peter Talty and Linda Stabler-Talty
  • Kris Tate Haber
  • Lois Teich
  • Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch
  • Diana and Rafael Vinoly
  • Pamela Weekes and Constance McDonald
  • Amerika and Bradd Williamson
  • Lloyd Zuckerberg and Charlotte Triefus on behalf of the Roy J. Zuckerberg Family Foundation

President’s Council members support our work and further the Trust’s mission in both an advisory and honorary capacity. Council members are annual donors who gave $1,000 to $24,999 in the past twelve months.

If you are interested in learning more or supporting the Trust, please contact Director of Development, Amanda Abraham, at 631-283-3195 or AAbraham@PeconicLandTrust.org.

  • 101 First Neck LLC
  • Diana and Kenneth Adams
  • Jerome Adler and Beth Lebowitz
  • Sheryl and Michael Ahearn
  • John Ambrose and Jim Brasher
  • Dr. Paula Angelone and Jerry Rosengarten
  • Andre and Ana Appignani
  • Emily Aspinall
  • Anne and Bruce Babcock
  • Lisa M. Burrell Baker
  • Bob Baldwin and Margaret Sieck
  • Leslie Barker
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baron
  • Ann and Jim Barry/Artisan Mortgage
  • Laura and Steve Bartholomew
  • Betsy Battle
  • Barbara and Steve Baum
  • Shirley and Bob Bayley
  • Judy and Brian Bedol
  • Ellen and Steve Berger
  • Kathy and Gene Bernstein
  • Tim Blenk Tree Care, Inc.
  • David Bohnett
  • Robert Boyle
  • Carolyn and Rob Brennan
  • The Bridgehampton Association
  • Irene and Stephen Brotman
  • Kathleen and Travis Brown
  • Paula and Robert Butler
  • Lisa and Richard Byers
  • Bettina Equities Management LLC
  • Deborah Carmichael
  • Lori and Alexandre Chemla
  • Adam Lewis and Thomas K. Chu
  • Nina and Peter Cobb
  • Leslie and Cliff Cohen
  • Lillian and Joel Cohen
  • Jane and John Comfort
  • Natalie Conklin
  • Romy and David Coquillette
  • Helen and Paul Corwith
  • Emily and Erich Cramer
  • Thomas Crane
  • Alice and Harold Culver
  • Michael Daly
  • Ellen Darion and Roger Chudzik
  • Carol Deane
  • Kristen and Robert DeLaMater
  • Vishakha Desai and Robert Oxman
  • Deborah and Richard DeVerna
  • Fred Doss and John Gicking
  • Joanne and Isaac Dowles
  • Courtney and Bill Dunk
  • Suzanne Gluck and Thomas Dyja
  • Cynthia and Fred Eaton
  • Megan Mulvihill Elkins and Terry Elkins
  • Cornelia Erpf-Forsman and Paul Forsman
  • Michael Escue, Max Lucy Group LLC
  • Wendy and Michael Esposito
  • ExxonMobil Corporation
  • Julia Fahey and Ben Rice
  • Farm Credit East
  • James Feigl
  • Laura and Michael Ferrante
  • Frank and Louiza Ferrara
  • First Coastal Corporation
  • Gabriella Fitzgerald and Jake Creem
  • Jeremy Fitzgerald
  • Anna Lou Fletcher
  • Donna Fletcher
  • Margaret H. Fowler
  • The Fries Family
  • Martie and Rick Fritz
  • Brian Fuhrmann
  • G P M Fund
  • Susan Gardner and Martha Cassidy
  • Emily and Huntley Garriott
  • Andrew Garvey and Patricia Garvey
  • Joan and Tom Geismar
  • Louise Guarneri and Stephen Gelfman
  • Kenneth Gilman and Carol Feinberg
  • Nancy and Tom Gleason
  • Mary Cox Golden
  • Suzanne and John Golden
  • Goldman Sachs & Co.
  • Adam and Nancy Greene
  • Susan Gullia
  • Madelaine Haberman and Michael Sprung
  • Melinda Hackett
  • Beecher Halsey and Georgeann McGuinness
  • Beth and Adam Halsey
  • Nancy and Charlton Halsey
  • William Hamilton
  • Tricia Hammes
  • The Hermace Family Foundation
  • Michael Herz and Jean Roiphe
  • Constance Hoguet Neel
  • Carolyn and David Holstein
  • Linda and George Hossenlopp
  • Marguerita Howkins
  • Carol and Tom Isles
  • Merrin Jenkins
  • Ann Marie and Stephen Jones
  • Carolina Zapf and John Josephson
  • Harry Kamen
  • Katy Kamen
  • Kimberly and John Keiserman
  • Wendy Keys
  • Anthony Kiser/The William and Mary Greve Foundation
  • Ruth and Larry Kogel
  • Lisa Clare Kombrink and Jesse Camacho
  • Ed Krug and John Haubrich
  • Anne Lange
  • Wendy and Steven Langman
  • David Lapham and Clark Mitchell
  • Liza and John Larkin
  • Helen and Mark Levine
  • Jeanne and Kenneth Levy-Church
  • Dorothy Lichtenstein
  • Kim and Gregg Lippmann
  • Judith Little
  • Patricia Lowry and John Touhey
  • Marjorie Ludlow
  • Francine Lynch
  • Rachel Lynch Swimming Pools & Spas, Inc.
  • James MacGregor and Claire Montgomery
  • William and Phyllis Mack Family Foundation
  • Karen Magovern
  • Ann M. Mallouk
  • Marders
  • Mary and Stephen Marsh
  • Stephen Marzo, Three Sons Farm/Karen Koh Marzo
  • Jane and Robert Matluck
  • Leslie and Thomas Matthews
  • The May Foundation
  • Margery and Theodore Mayer
  • Georgette and Michael McConnell
  • Patricia McIntyre
  • Renee and David McKee
  • Richard McNally
  • Leigh and Charles Merinoff
  • William and Patricia Milford
  • Maryann and Bob Miller
  • Maryellyn and Thad Miller
  • Louise and David Milligan
  • Gary Lofgren
  • Dede Gotthelf and Terry Moan
  • Mary and Tom Morgan
  • Ornella and Robert Morrow
  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Murphy
  • Robert Musser and Barbara L. Francis
  • Robin Sieranski and Paul Nardone, Jr.
  • Samantha and Kevin Nasello
  • Nawrocki Smith LLC
  • Deborah Nevins
  • Michael Nierenberg
  • John and Connie Norbeck
  • Liza and John Nugent
  • Liz and Gus Oliver
  • Janet Donohoe Ollinger and Mark Ollinger
  • Joan and John Owens
  • Marc Packer
  • Stephen Patterson
  • Sandra Pershing and Marc Keller
  • Barbara Phillips
  • Preston Phillips and Charles Forthofer
  • Sharon Pietrzak
  • Jennifer and James Pike
  • Pilzer Foundation
  • Lisa and Brian Pope
  • Nancy Posel
  • Bill Price
  • Rodney Propp
  • Anne and Jeff Pundyk
  • Yvetta Rechler-Newman
  • Ann and Howard Reisman
  • Suzanne and Philip Reynolds
  • Arleen and Robert Rifkind
  • John Roberts and Lenor Buckley
  • Rochetta Consulting Services
  • Leah and Greg Rodgers
  • Susan Malfa and Jonathan Rose
  • Andrew Rosen and Jenny Dyer
  • Lori and Scott Rosen
  • Bobbi and Thomas Rosko
  • Janet C. Ross
  • Daryl and Steven Roth
  • Antonio and Michele Sacconaghi
  • Carl Safina and Patricia Paladines
  • Pablo Salame
  • Wiltraud Salm
  • Linda Sanford
  • Satur Farms/Paulette Satur and Eberhard Mueller
  • Sophia Schachter
  • Val Schaffner
  • Idoline Scheerer
  • Jill Schlesinger
  • Fred Schmeltzer
  • Cynthia Scholl
  • Marianne and Dom Seddio
  • Joshua Lehrer and Jeffrey Seller
  • Tracy and Eric Semler
  • Robert Serling
  • Karen and Samuel Seymour
  • Ben Shapiro
  • Dozie Sheahan
  • Shine
  • Mariann and Kevin Simms
  • Donna Skerrett
  • Christine and Robert Smart
  • Rose and Anthony Smith
  • Michael Halperin, Solarus Technologies
  • Susan and Ari Spar
  • Advantage Title Agency Inc.
  • Carol Steinberg
  • Marsha K. and Herbert J. Stern
  • The Fanwood Foundation
  • Rand, Emilie, and Ben Stoll
  • Elizabeth Strong-de Cuevas
  • Summerhill Landscapes Inc.
  • Susan and Richard Sullivan
  • Susan and Hugh Switzer
  • Taranto Family Foundation
  • Lynne Tarnopol
  • The Tarr Family
  • Margaretta Taylor
  • Fern and Lenard Tessler
  • Cheryl Tortoriello
  • Irene and Peter Treiber
  • Mary Gwen (Halsey) and George Tyda
  • Robert Uher
  • Glyn Vincent and Stacy Goodman
  • Andrea and Paul Vizcarrondo
  • Edward Vroom and Ilene Cutler Vroom
  • James Wacht and Meryl Pearlstein
  • Isabel and Tom Wacker
  • Candace and Jonathan Wainwright
  • Cynthia Wainwright
  • Andrew Walsh
  • Claudia and William Walters
  • Chris Wedge and Jeanne Markel
  • Jane and Jim Weigley
  • Howard Weiss
  • Marissa Wesely and Fred Hamerman
  • Raymond Wesnofske
  • Betsy and Ted Wheeler
  • Peter S. Wilson and Scott K. Sanders
  • Marie and Kenneth Wong
  • Patricia and Frederick Yosca
  • Michael Zamkow and Sue Berman
  • Susan Kennedy Zeller
  • Alan Zients and Ronda Shaw Zients
  • Barbara and Donald Zucker

Throughout the years, the Peconic Land Trust has been fortunate to have the advice and counsel from many individuals who have generously given their time, experience and financial support to help us fulfill our mission of conserving Long Island’s working farms, natural lands and heritage. Our work would not be possible without their guidance throughout the years.

  • Lucy Bradley*
  • Douglas W. Campbell IV
  • Julie P. DeBold
  • Lee Foster
  • Marilee Foster
  • Herbert Golden*
  • Charlotte Hanson
  • Richard Hogan
  • Katherine Kazanas
  • Richard W. King
  • Albert J. Krupski, Jr.
  • Hilary Leff
  • Deborah Ann Light*
  • Pingree W. Louchheim
  • Robert M. Meltzer*
  • Brian R. McCaffrey
  • Mary Foster Morgan
  • Thomas Owen Morgan
  • David R. Osborn
  • Randall T. Parsons
  • Edward P. Sharretts, Jr.*
  • Betty Smith*
  • Donald Willits Smith*
  • Roger A. Smith
  • Paul Stoutenburg*
  • Herbert J. Strobel
  • Terry Stubelek
  • Thomas Thorsen
  • Thomas J. Tobin
  • Joseph J. Townsend, Jr.
  • Edwin Fishel Tuccio
  • John Van Deventer, Jr.*
  • Wesley W. von Schack
  • Stephen Weir
  • Thomas Wickham
  • Roy L. Wines, Jr.*
  • Barbara Brush Wright*
  • Lloyd P. Zuckerberg
  • * deceased


The following are just some of the organizations the Peconic Land Trust works with to conserve and protect Long Island's working farms, natural lands and heritage.

Oysterponds Historical Society
South Fork Land Foundation


The Peconic Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. All gifts made to the Trust are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Federal ID #: 11-2667021

A copy of the Peconic Land Trust's financial report, filed with the New York State Attorney General, may be obtained by writing to:

  • Office of the Attorney General, Department of Law, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271, or
  • The Peconic Land Trust, P.O. Box 1776, Southampton, NY 11969.
  • or by visit the Peconic Land Trust's page on GuideStar.


Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1776
Southampton NY 11969

Southampton Office
296 NY-27A
Southampton, NY 11968
631-283-0235 (fax)
North Fork Stewardship Center
22600 Main Rd
Cutchogue, NY 11935
631-734-5635 (fax)
Quail Hill Community Farm
660 Old Stone Hwy
Amagansett, NY 11930
631-267-8492 (fax)
Bridge Gardens
36 Mitchell Ln
Bridgehampton, NY 11932
631-283-0235 (fax)
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