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The Peconic Land Trust, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was established in 1983 by John v.H. Halsey and a small group of local residents to ensure the protection of Long Island’s working farms, natural lands, and heritage. Since 1983, the Trust has worked diligently with landowners, communities, municipalities, and partner organizations to protect over 13,000 acres of land, conserving more working farms on Long Island than any other private conservation organization, and securing millions of dollars from the public and private sectors for land protection.

Core Values

Value our Resources

  • Value our communities’ diverse history, agricultural and maritime heritage, character, and traditional ways of life
  • Value our working and natural lands, community assets including trails and gardens, watershed areas, wildlife habitats, and scenic vistas
  • Value our role and responsibilities as stewards of the land on behalf of our communities
  • Value and conserve all resources in our every day work
  • Value the importance of connecting people to the land through outreach and education

Value our Relationships

  • Be fair, respectful and just to all within our diverse communities
  • Balance the rights of the individual and the interest of the public
  • Work with landowners, recognizing their personal goals, circumstances, and connection to the land
  • Listen to all concerns and issues
  • Collaborate with institutions, groups, and individuals to achieve mutual goals
  • Promote an organizational culture that respects the professional and personal lives of our staff, board and volunteers

Value our Standards and Practices

  • Use proven techniques as well as explore and develop new methods to conserve land and our resources
  • View individual projects in the broader context of our communities
  • Propose conservation and stewardship options based on a thorough understanding of the land
  • Work from a problem-solving perspective with innovation and creativity
  • Act ethically, lawfully, and in a fiscally sound manner as professionals and as an organization

The Peconic Land Trust acknowledges that the region – Paumanake (Long Island)/Sewanhacky (Long Island) – where we work and live is the ancestral territory of many communities of Indigenous people. We honor their stewardship of the land for over 10,000 years. We accept our responsibility to protect their cultural and traditional connections to the land.



Get to know the people who keep the Peconic Land Trust working day to day.

Meet the team

Boards and Councils

Our Board’s dedication to conserving Long Island’s working farms, natural lands and heritage is unmatched. The Trust’s Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the organization’s mission and setting policies to carry out the mission, and, as required by law, the oversight of the organization’s finances and operations. The Board works closely with its professional staff to determine and advance the Trust's strategic goals, as we work on behalf of our communities to protect the places we know and love. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Vice President Melanie Cirillo at 631-283-3195.

Marcia Bystryn


Edward Krug


John v.H. Halsey


Nancy Gilbert


John E. Larkin

Assistant Treasurer

Nora J. Catlin


Harriet H. Dresher

Assistant Secretary

Richard Baldwin

Ann G. ffolliott

Jacqueline LiCalzi

Amanda Merrow

John S. Norbeck

Valerie M. Scopaz

Thomas B. Williams

Board Chair Emeritus

Peconic Legacy Circle members have let us know their intention to remember the Trust in their estate planning. Legacy gifts are among the most meaningful ways to ensure that Long Island’s beautiful beaches, clean water, working farms, majestic woodland and pristine wetlands will be protected for generations to come.

We thank all our Peconic Legacy Circle members for joining us in looking towards a future that values the working farms, natural lands and the heritage we all share. If you are interested in learning more or supporting the Trust, please contact Senior Manager of Major and Planned Gifts, Alison Delaney, at 631-283-3195 or ADelaney@PeconicLandTrust.org.

  • Carol Mulvihill Ahlers and Ronald Ahlers
  • Maddy Beckwith
  • Glorian Berk
  • James Cain
  • Thomas K. Chu, Esq.
  • RaineyDay and John Erwin
  • John and Candice Frawley
  • Nancy Gilbert and Richard Wines
  • Dinni Gordon
  • Susan Gullia
  • Jean Held
  • Victoria Herbert
  • Anne Hopkins
  • Jane Iselin
  • Ed Krug
  • Paul Margolis
  • Carol and Richard Mavity
  • Joe Mc Kay
  • Russell McCall
  • Barbara Phillips
  • Sandra Powers
  • Pat Sanders
  • Judith Saner
  • Rosa, Tony, and Geneva Smith
  • Carol Steinberg
  • Rosemary Terribile
  • Drs. Stephen and Leona Torkelson
  • Greg Wiseman
  • Yaffa Foundation

Trustees Council members support our work and further the Trust’s mission in both an advisory and honorary capacity. Council members are donors who gave at the $25,000 level or more in the past twelve months, and/or those who have made an extraordinary lifetime gift to the Trust.

If you are interested in learning more or supporting the Trust, please contact Director of Development, Amanda Abraham, at 631-283-3195 or AAbraham@PeconicLandTrust.org.

  • Kathleen Kmet Becker
  • Glorian Berk
  • Peg and Peter D'Angelo
  • Andrew Davis, Trustee, the Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Fund
  • Margaret de Cuevas and Eric Schott
  • Charles and Nathalie de Gunzburg - The Canary Charitable Foundation
  • Peggy and Millard Drexler
  • John and Candice Frawley
  • Dinni Gordon
  • John and Sally Henry
  • The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
  • The Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation
  • The Land Trust Alliance
  • Nancy and Howard Marks
  • McCall Family
  • Mark McIntyre and Honor Lassalle
  • Mellon Foundation
  • Edward and Sandra Meyer
  • Katharine Rayner
  • Robert M. Rubin and Stephane Samuel
  • Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch
  • Peter and Laura Treadway
  • Roger Waters
  • Philippa Weismann and Lucy Veltri
  • Ken and Megan Wright
  • Yaffa Foundation

Conservation Council members support our work and further the Trust’s mission in both an advisory and honorary capacity. Council members are annual donors who gave $5,000 to $24,999 in the past twelve months.

If you are interested in learning more or supporting the Trust, please
contact Director of Development, Amanda Abraham, at 631-283-3195 or

  • Abraham and Mildred Goldstein Charitable Trust
  • Carol Mulvihill Ahlers and Ronald Ahlers
  • Jessica Alfonsi - The Scully Peretsman Foundation
  • Alfred and Jane Ross Foundation, Inc.
  • All for the East End (AFTEE)
  • Eric Altman
  • Andrew Sabin Family Foundation
  • Joseph and Stephanie Angelone
  • Avalon Nature Preserve
  • Gabrielle and Louis Bacon
  • The Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation
  • Steve and Laura Bartholomew
  • Suzanne and Enrico Bartolucci
  • The Bathing Corporation of Southampton
  • Gregory Bauso
  • Ruth and Leonard Benowich
  • Fran Bermanzohn and Alan Roseman
  • Rick Bogusch
  • Claire Boody
  • Joshua Brand and Brooks McEwen
  • Barbara Braun - The Neuwirth Foundation
  • Patricia Ann Brennan
  • Rob and Carolyn Brennan
  • Steven Bodzinger
  • Matthew and Nancy Bromberg
  • Clarissa and Edgar Bronfman Jr.
  • Burt and Stanley Shaffer Foundation
  • John Buttrick
  • David Bynum
  • Marcia Bystryn
  • James Cain
  • Lori and Alexandre Chemla
  • Frederic Cohen
  • Columbia Property Trust
  • Anne Nickel Curtin
  • Ellen Darion and Roger Chudzik
  • The Donald A. Pels Charitable Trust
  • Charles P. Durkin, Jr.
  • Susan Edwards and Ian Ziskin
  • RaineyDay and John Erwin
  • Julia Fahey and Ben Rice
  • Laura and Michael Ferrante
  • Ann ffolliott
  • Gabriella Fitzgerald and Jake Creem
  • Hans Flick and Celeste Kime
  • Anne Garonzik
  • Nancy Gilbert and Richard Wines
  • Lisa A. Grattan
  • Jon and Mindy Gray
  • Susan Koehn Habermann and Matthew Habermann
  • Anne and John Hall
  • Amy and Doug Halsey
  • Jon Hlafter and Claudia Hamilton
  • Jonathan Hoefler and Carleen Borsella
  • Carolyn and David Holstein
  • Bettysue Hughes
  • Alice and David Hunt
  • The J. Baker Foundation
  • J.P. Morgan Chase
  • Merrin Jenkins
  • Lisa and Sim Johnston
  • The Kate W. Cassidy Foundation
  • Katie Leede & Co
  • Eric and Brittny Knight
  • Aurélie Lang
  • Nan and Donald Leitch
  • The Leo S. Walsh Foundation
  • Kenneth and Jeanne Levy-Church
  • Jackie LiCalzi
  • George Loening
  • Neil and Amelia MacDonald
  • James MacGregor and Claire Montgomery
  • The Makowski Trust
  • Anthony Manheim and Elaine Reis Manheim
  • Tim and Cyndi Maran
  • Richard Mavity and Carole Greene-Mavity
  • Joe Mc Kay
  • Constance McDonald
  • Patricia McIntyre
  • James Mellon
  • Luca Mellon
  • Meryl Meltzer, Romenesa Foundation
  • Joyce Menschel
  • Alistair G. C. Merrick and Tracey Dedrick
  • Maryellyn and Thad Miller
  • Mary and Garrett Moran
  • Alison Morgridge
  • Olivia Motch
  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Murphy
  • Daniel and Brooke Neidich
  • Harry Neyens
  • Connie and John Norbeck
  • Barbara Phillips
  • Jennifer and James Pike
  • The Robins Island Foundation
  • Paul Rogers
  • David Rohde
  • Drs. Lori and Scott Rosen
  • Janet C. Ross
  • Judith Saner
  • Linda S. Sanford
  • Lynn and John Savarese
  • Ernest Scalamandre
  • Linda and Richard Schaps
  • Jill Schlesinger
  • Fred Schmeltzer
  • Maryam Seley
  • Elizabeth and Robert Sheehan
  • Daryl Simon
  • Frederick and Nancy Smith
  • Stein Family, East Marion
  • Lauren Stone
  • Peter Talty and Linda Stabler-Talty
  • Margaretta Taylor
  • Edwin Tuccio
  • George Tyda and Mary Gwen Halsey Tyda
  • Anne Louise C. Van Nostrand
  • Glyn Vincent and Stacy Goodman
  • Andrea and Paul Vizcarrondo
  • James Vos and Stephanie Joyce
  • Pamela Weekes
  • James and Ina Weeks
  • William C. Dowling Jr. Foundation
  • Woodward Family Charitable Foundation
  • Donald and Barbara Zucker

President’s Council members support our work and further the Trust’s mission in both an advisory and honorary capacity. Council members are annual donors who gave $1,000 to $4,999 in the past twelve months.

If you are interested in learning more or supporting the Trust, please contact Director of Development, Amanda Abraham, at 631-283-3195 or AAbraham@PeconicLandTrust.org.

  • Diana and Kenneth Adams
  • Sherrill and Gerald Adams
  • Jerome Adler and Beth Lebowitz
  • Advantage Title Agency, Inc.
  • Michael and Sheryl Ahearn
  • Dr. Paula J. Angelone and Jerry Rosengarten
  • John Archer
  • Timothy and Ranjana Armstrong
  • Emily Aspinall
  • Lea Attalla
  • Anne and Bruce Babcock
  • Bailey, Moore, Glazer, Schaefer, & Proto, LLP
  • Bob Baldwin and Margaret Sieck
  • Lillian Ball and David Reed
  • Leslie Barker
  • Melissa Roper Barnett
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baron
  • Michael and Jasmine Barr
  • Mary Beth and James Barrett
  • Jim and Ann Barry of Artisan Mortgage
  • Kyra and David Barry
  • Adam Bartos and Mahnaz Isphani
  • Linda and George Bartunek
  • Betsy Battle
  • Kathleen Baumann and Christian Schnoor
  • Beds and Borders
  • Garrard Beeney and Evan Mason
  • Piraye Beim
  • Peter Benedek
  • Kathy and Gene Bernstein
  • Richard Bernstein and Christine Ritenis
  • The Blau Family
  • Millie and Chuck Bleifield
  • Suzanne Bloomer
  • William Boltz and William Ehardt
  • Bob Bourque and Katherine Staton
  • Bradshaw Family
  • Elizabeth Branch
  • The Bridgehampton Association, Inc.
  • Robert Brooks
  • Irene and Stephen Brotman
  • Jerry Brown and Lois Peltz
  • Susan Brown
  • William Brown
  • Marcus and Joanne Bryan
  • Sarah Burnes and Sebastian Heath
  • Kelly Cahill
  • Janel Anderberg Callon
  • Jessica and Matthew Carballal
  • Marty Carlock
  • Cheryl Carter and Edward R. Donovan
  • Camilla Hildreth Cesarini
  • Thomas K. Chu, Esq.
  • Leslie and Cliff Cohen
  • Lillian and Joel Cohen
  • Douglas Coles and Carol Graboski Coles
  • Michael Coles and Edie Landeck
  • Janet and Thomas Constance
  • Romy and David Coquillette
  • Vincent Covello and Carol Mandel
  • Alice and Harold Culver
  • Michael Daly
  • Claire de Brunner
  • M. & F. De Giorgis
  • Michael de Mello
  • Robert and Kristen DeLaMater
  • Kathy Delaney Glenn and Ned Glenn
  • Vishakha Desai and Robert Oxnam
  • Laura Donnelly
  • James D. Dougherty
  • Karin C. Driscoll
  • Susan Dusenberry
  • Cornelia Erpf-Forsman and Paul Forsman
  • Michael Escue and Scott Wimbush
  • Ellen and Michael P. Esposito, Jr.
  • ExxonMobil Corporation
  • Jim and Anna Fantaci
  • Jane and Michael Fasullo
  • Carlos Fernandez-Aller and Trevena Yong
  • Rosemary and Carlos Ferrer
  • Connie Fischer
  • Eric Fischl and April Gornik
  • Jan Flaherty
  • David Fleischer and Jessica Mitchell
  • Robert Fleischer and Susan Raanan
  • Beth Fleisher and Christopher Claremont
  • Anna Lou Fletcher
  • Stephanie and Lawrence Flinn, Jr.
  • The Frances B. and J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation
  • The Fries Family
  • Martie and Rick Fritz
  • Susan Gardner and Martha Cassidy
  • Courtney Geelan
  • Mary Ellen Geelan
  • Joan and Tom Geismar
  • Sean and Cayley Gelbwaks
  • Emma Gilbey-Keller
  • Kenneth Gilman and Carol Feinberg
  • Barbara Gladstone
  • Nancy and Tom Gleason
  • Nancy Goell
  • Mary Cox Golden
  • The Goldie Anna Charitable Trust
  • Joanne and Thomas Gouge
  • Dominic Grasso
  • Nancy and Adam Greene
  • Louise Guarneri and Stephen Gelfman
  • Madelaine Haberman and Michael Sprung
  • Melinda Hackett
  • Paul Hagen
  • Katharine Holabird Haggiag and Michael Haggiag
  • John Halsey and Janis Ebli-Halsey
  • William Hamilton
  • Tricia Hammes and Jerome Mounier
  • Adrienne Harris
  • Susan Harrison and Sara Hart
  • Heather Henson
  • Herrick Hardware
  • Michael Herz and Jean Roiphe
  • Scott R. Hirsch and Melissa Pearsall-Hirsch
  • Michael Hirschhorn and Jimena P. Martinez
  • Constance Hoguet Neel
  • Betty and Dick Holden
  • Susan Holden
  • Mary and John Hull
  • Janice and Jon Hummel
  • Anna Huyghues-Despointes
  • The Ira A. Roschelle MD Family Foundation
  • Carol and Tom Isles
  • Donna Issenberg
  • Tomashi Jackson
  • Corey and Michelle Jassem
  • Marilyn Jones MD
  • Katy Kamen
  • Kimberly and John Keiserman
  • Christine Killorin and John Nussbaumer
  • Evelyn Kim and Paolo Timoni
  • Julia King
  • Susan Kingsolver
  • Leon and Elizabeth Kircik
  • Anthony Kiser/The William and Mary Greve Foundation
  • Larry Klurfeld and Joele Frank
  • Lisa Clare Kombrink and Jesse Camacho
  • Anne Kroeker
  • Ed Krug and John Haubrich
  • Peter Lampone
  • Richard and Barbara Lane
  • Liza and John Larkin
  • Kathy and Michael Lavyne
  • Jody Levin
  • Cynthia C. Lewis
  • Dorothy Lichtenstein
  • Tyra Liebmann
  • Michael Light
  • John Lipsky
  • Judith Little
  • Robin and Mark Lockwood
  • Gary Lofgren
  • Andrea and Jeffrey Lomasky
  • David Lopez
  • Patricia Lowry and John Touhey
  • Francine Lynch
  • Joseph Macari and Kim Staller
  • Christina Macdonald
  • Bella and Jeff Mancini
  • Jeana Marinelli
  • Leslie and Thomas Matthews
  • Alex Matthiessen
  • The May Foundation
  • Mary McKay
  • Richard McNally
  • Polly McQueen
  • Diana Mellon
  • Henry Mellon
  • Sarah Mellon
  • Mendez/Henshaw Family
  • Leigh and Charles Merinoff
  • Spencer Jack Merinoff
  • Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein
  • Jessica Mezzacappa and John Zieman
  • Maryann and Bob Miller
  • Nicole Miller and Kim Taipale
  • Edward and Julie Minskoff
  • Dede Gotthelf Moan and Terry Moan
  • Mary and Tom Morgan
  • Ornella and Robert Morrow
  • Jennifer and Robert Munkelwitz
  • D. Garry Munson and Lynn McMahon
  • Michelle Napoli
  • Nawrocki Smith LLP
  • Faye and Richard Nespola
  • Justin Neubauer
  • Joseph Obermayer and Nicolas Rutherford
  • Maureen O'Leary
  • Liz and Gus Oliver
  • John and Joan Owens
  • Boushelle and James Pearson
  • Peconic Propane Inc.
  • Sandra Pershing and Marc Keller
  • Geoffrey Peters
  • Alexander Pherson
  • Stuart Plesser
  • Nancy Posel
  • Paul Powers and Tina Davis
  • Nancy and Sheldon Prentice
  • Joseph Pufahl
  • Anne and Jeff Pundyk
  • Yvetta Rechler-Newman
  • Paul F. Rickenbach, Jr.
  • Robert Rifkind
  • Amy and John Rocchetta
  • Jane Rode
  • Sheila Rodgers
  • Tamsin Roe
  • Christopher Rogers
  • Jonathan Rose and Susan Malfa
  • Daniel M. Rosen, CPA
  • Isabella Rossellini
  • Jane Gregory Rubin and Reed Rubin
  • Valerie Rubsamen and Cedomir Crnkovic
  • Ann Sandford
  • Elizabeth Schaffner
  • Val Schaffner
  • Maria Schlanger and Steven Birenbaum
  • Barbara Schnitzler and William Finkelstein
  • Schoenheimer Foundation
  • Ira and Jody Schwartz
  • Pennie and Paul Schwartz
  • Second Star Foundation
  • Marianne and Dom Seddio
  • The Shana Alexander Charitable Foundation
  • Alan Shapiro
  • Dozie Sheahan
  • Martin Shnay
  • Jeffrey Silberstein and Scott Goldsmith
  • Kevin and Mariann Simms
  • Alex Sloane and Alexandra Schuster
  • Rob and Christine Smart
  • Lynn and Eric Sobel
  • Cheryl Sokolow of C Fine Art
  • Shelley and David Sonenberg
  • Stacy Sonnenberg
  • Katie and Jonah Sonnenborn
  • Michael and Melissa Sorvillo
  • Herbert J. and Marsha K. Stern
  • Robert A.M. Stern
  • Jeff Stettin
  • Rand, Emilie, and Ben Stoll
  • Jeff and Kerry Strong
  • Richard and Susan Sullivan
  • John and Margaret Sweeney
  • Catherine and Henri Talerman
  • Taranto Family Foundation
  • Karen and David Tayeh
  • Lois Teich
  • Barbara Thomas
  • The Timothy and Diana Fitzpatrick Gift Account
  • Jane and Geoffrey Troy
  • Rose and David Tsoupros
  • Robert Uher
  • Mark Underberg and Diane Englander
  • Patty and Vincent Vigorita
  • Edward Vroom and Ilene Cutler Vroom
  • Candace and Jonathan Wainwright
  • Cynthia Wainwright
  • Andrew Walsh
  • Mary and Michael Ward
  • Jerrell Watts
  • Claude Weir and Yvette Arsenec-Weir
  • Henry Weisburg and Lisa Donneson
  • Howard Weiss
  • Marissa Wesely and Fred Hamerman
  • Ted and Betsy Wheeler
  • Gwen Whiting and James Dale
  • Bernard Whitman and Constantin Mitides
  • William and Phyllis Mack Family Foundation
  • Richard and Debbie Wilpon
  • Peter S. Wilson and Scott K. Sanders
  • Marie and Kenneth Wong
  • Hilary and Eric Woodward
  • Corey Worcester and Yasmine Legendre
  • Caroline and Richard Yates
  • Patricia and Frederick Yosca
  • Jamie Zimmerman
  • Lloyd Zuckerberg and Charlotte Triefus

Throughout the years, the Peconic Land Trust has been fortunate to have the advice and counsel from many individuals who have generously given their time, experience and financial support to help us fulfill our mission of conserving Long Island’s working farms, natural lands and heritage. Our work would not be possible without their guidance throughout the years.

  • Carol M. Ahlers
  • Lucy Bradley*
  • Douglas W. Campbell IV
  • Julie P. DeBold
  • Michael A. Ferrante
  • Lee Foster
  • Marilee Foster
  • Nancy K. Goell
  • Herbert Golden*
  • Charlotte Hanson
  • Richard Hogan
  • Jane Iselin
  • Thomas A. Isles
  • Stephen M. Jones
  • Katherine Kazanas
  • Richard W. King
  • Albert J. Krupski, Jr.
  • Hilary Leff
  • Deborah Ann Light*
  • Pingree W. Louchheim
  • James T. MacGregor
  • Robert M. Meltzer*
  • Brian R. McCaffrey
  • E. Blair McCaslin*
  • Mary Foster Morgan
  • Thomas Owen Morgan
  • David R. Osborn*
  • Randall T. Parsons
  • Jennifer B. Pike
  • Gregg Rivara
  • Edward P. Sharretts, Jr.*
  • Betty Smith*
  • Donald Willits Smith*
  • Roger A. Smith
  • Paul Stoutenburg*
  • Herbert J. Strobel
  • Terry Stubelek
  • Peter Talty
  • Thomas Thorsen
  • Thomas J. Tobin
  • Joseph J. Townsend, Jr.*
  • Edwin Fishel Tuccio
  • John Van Deventer, Jr.*
  • Wesley W. von Schack
  • Stephen Weir
  • Thomas Wickham
  • Roy L. Wines, Jr.*
  • Barbara Brush Wright*
  • Lloyd P. Zuckerberg
  • * deceased


The following are just some of the organizations the Peconic Land Trust works with to conserve and protect Long Island's working farms, natural lands and heritage.


The Peconic Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. All gifts made to the Trust are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Federal ID #: 11-2667021

A copy of the Peconic Land Trust's financial report, filed with the New York State Attorney General, may be obtained by writing to:

  • Office of the Attorney General, Department of Law, Charities Bureau, 28 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10005, or
  • The Peconic Land Trust, P.O. Box 1776, Southampton, NY 11969.
  • or by visit the Peconic Land Trust's page on GuideStar.


Mailing Address

296 Hampton Road
Southampton NY 11968


Southampton Office

296 NY-27A
Southampton, NY 11968
631-283-0235 (fax)

North Fork Stewardship Center

22600 Main Rd
Cutchogue, NY 11935
631-283-0235 (fax)

Quail Hill Community Farm

660 Old Stone Hwy
Amagansett, NY 11930
631-283-0235 (fax)

Bridge Gardens

36 Mitchell Ln
Bridgehampton, NY 11932
631-283-0235 (fax)
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