Donor Spotlight | Lynn and George Krug: For Future Generations

September 17, 2020

Lynn and George have been donors to the Trust for almost 2 years. We reached out to ask them why they chose to give to the Trust.

“The East End is truly our alternate universe. We refer to our east end home as our happy place. Peconic Bay is an amazing resource that is the crown jewel of the east end.

We learned about the Peconic Land Trust when we received a letter asking for support. I contacted the Trust and learned where our 2% went. When we were seeking a mortgage, we knew that there would be a 2% tax payable at closing. We only learned after closing that the Town of Southold received the 2% transfer tax money and not the Trust!

The Trust raises funds for conservation primarily through private donations. This is different than CPF, a public program managed by each of the five East End Towns for the protection of farmland, open space, and community character.

We care deeply about our environment and are very aware of how our actions today directly impact future generations. Our main concern is water quality since Long Island has the most contaminated drinking water in New York State. We are appalled at the environmental changes that we see coming out of Washington these days. More than ever we need to support the Trust because it is so deeply connected to our local east end communities. We won’t survive without clean water and land. We also need a healthy marine ecosystem for fishing, working, and playing.

As new residents of New Suffolk, we support local organizations as best we can. Land is the key to a healthy and secure future for the East End. Conserved, well-managed land directly affects drinking water, the food we eat, air quality, and provides various recreational activities that we enjoy. We would love for the East End to retain all those great qualities that brought us here in the first place.

The Trust is important to the quality of life that we enjoy on the East End. We do our best to support organizations that make a difference in the community.”

Thank you to Lynn and George and all of you who make our work possible!

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