Donor Spotlight | Carol Steinberg

photo by Michael Halsband

May 5, 2020
Quail Hill Farm

In her own words . . .

“I live in the historic part of Springs and feel so blessed to live in such a gorgeous place. I love the open vistas, the farmland, and the water all around us.

“Saving the farmland and open vistas to the water are the most important things to me. If we don’t protect our beautiful place, it will become just another suburb. We must save what we have, even if it’s a difficult and uphill fight. That is the Trust’s mission, which I so appreciate.


Carol and her friend Judith Bresler At the Common Table in 2018.

“This area is a sought-after place because of the beauty — the farmland, open spaces, and water. Too many take it for granted and assume it will always be here. Those who have been here a long time have seen very special places disappear to development. We cannot take this beauty for granted.

“I first learned about the Trust when I heard a talk by John Halsey at Guild Hall. What John said about the Trust and its work resonated with me immediately. There is such a sense of genuineness and purpose about John and the Trust’s mission.

“I became a member of Quail Hill Farm. I love the food, wine, preservation community of the East End. When I am around this community, I am heartened at all the creativity and generosity they provide.

“I called the Trust and asked to speak with someone about possibly including them in my estate planning. I met a lovely woman who came to my house and talked with me about possibilities. I decided to leave my house to the Trust. She helped me create the documents necessary to make this happen — in a way that would realize my desire to keep my house, land, and garden as they are and to also serve the Trust’s purposes.

“A conservation easement was drafted which will be filed upon my death. I am free during my life to alter this and/or change my will at any time. The easement will run with the land and allows the Trust to use my house for its best purposes. There is a restriction that if the property is sold, the house could only be enlarged by a small percentage and the garden would have to keep the same feeling. This is a good and satisfying option for me. It’s something that I can do to help keep this area that I love so beautiful.

“I support both the Trust and the farm monetarily as well. I heartily believe in the work they do. It is really important that everyone understands that the Trust gets its support from people and doesn’t receive the transfer tax money. Their mission is to keep this area we love as beautiful as it is, and I hope you’ll help them in any way you can.”

Thank you Carol, for your support, involvement, and enthusiasm. We appreciate all that you do!

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