Donor Spotlight | Rand Stoll

February 15, 2018

By Amanda Abraham

Rand Stoll a sense of community at Quail Hill Farm and Bridge Gardens

Rand Stoll has been a supporter of Quail Hill Farm and Bridge Gardens for many years. He feels a deep sense of connection to the land as a member of these communities.

“When I first bought my home in Amagansett, I was thrilled to find Quail Hill Farm and its community supported agriculture program right around the corner.” Rand says. “I became a shareholder, harvesting my own fruits and vegetables throughout the summer. My children, Emilie and Ben, grew up running barefoot in the soil, and I felt a deep, spiritual connection to my fellow shareholders and Director Scott Chaskey.

“Eventually, I wanted to try my hand at growing my own produce. I was among the first community gardeners and members at Bridge Gardens, growing an overabundance of kale that initial summer. My sense of place deepened as I would enter the gardens, cup of coffee in hand, to work the soil, chat with other growers, and get tips from Garden Manager Rick Bogusch. Now an expert gardener, I participate in the community potlucks and donate surplus food to the local food pantry.

“My love for the East End is deeply rooted in these communities. I am a conservationist at heart - I understand the importance of protecting and enjoying our beautiful home.”

— Rand Stoll

Thank you, Rand! And thank you to all our donors for your generous support!