Donor Spotlight | Jacqueline LiCalzi

May 16, 2018

Protect Long Island's Varied and Beautiful Landscape and Waterways as a Living and Breathing Ecosystem

Jackie, her partner Jill Schlesinger, and their two Norwich Terriers, Trixie and Charlie, live in Manhattan and North Sea.  They’ve been donors to the Trust since 2012.

“Having grown up on Long Island, I feel deeply connected to its history and to preserving what remains of its varied and beautiful landscape and waterways.  I hope through conservation efforts it will continue as a living and breathing ecosystem, not a ‘museum’ frozen in time.

“When looking to buy a home here on the East End, we wanted to educate ourselves about the community and its priorities.  The Trust kept coming up as an organization that was deeply connected to the local community and fighting for the issues that made us want to own a home here in the first place! 


“It was pretty easy to see that the Trust is an organization that grew organically (pun intended!) from within the East End community; was long established and well-run; and had a great reputation for doing important work.  In our biking and long walks with our dogs, and in our access to local farms and agriculture, we experience the benefits of the work the Trust does and wanted to support and be a part of it.

“I recently established a donor-advised fund (DAF) because it’s an easy-to-use tax planning tool that allows me to be proactive about my giving over the long term.  It’s like a health savings account but for philanthropy.  I can contribute cash and other assets, such as appreciated stock, which can help reduce taxes and ultimately help me give more to charity.  I like the flexibility that DAFs offer, as well as the simplified record keeping.  As a bonus, I can even make donations from an app!”   ~~ Jacqueline LiCalzi 

                                        Thank you so much Jackie!

To learn more about donor advised funds and the many ways you can make a donation to the Trust, contact Amanda Abraham at 631.283.3195.

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