Donor Spotlight | Judy Saner Lends a Hand

August 19, 2022

After 20-plus years in LA, I decided to move back to the East Coast. I’d visited friends in Bridgehampton over the years and thought it was a perfect place. Near enough to New York City, but very much country. I was captured by the landscape of beautiful open fields, many running down to the ocean. I loved the combination of farming and “luxurious” beach life.

When I settled here in 1996, I became aware of the Trust and decided that it was a place I’d like to volunteer, so I called. My first involvement was – naturally – stuffing envelopes! Eventually, my talents were rendered obsolete by electronic communication methods. Though on occasion, the Trust will find a “special” project for me to handle.

I’ve also been involved with fund-raising on the annual Through Farms & Fields committee. Everything from helping with parking at the first event 19 years ago to choosing table décor in current years. And when we couldn’t have an in-person event, I was trusted to use the office paper shredder to create fill for the sponsor baskets!

Somewhere along the line, Bridge Gardens in Bridgehampton came into play. It’s a hidden gem just a few minutes from my house. I love to meet friends there for a stroll or a simple picnic lunch. Or even bundle up and walk around in the winter. I see something different every time I visit.


Whether it’s addressing envelopes or tying strings around pine cones for Christmas-ornament-making at Bridge Gardens, I love pitching in with the Trust. What a fun way to meet fellow volunteers with like interests in the community. And we all spend a lot of effort explaining that the Trust is NOT the Community Preservation Fund. Both working for similar goals, but the Trust is privately funded.

It’s so frustrating to watch open spaces disappear and I’m grateful for all the Trust does to protect what’s left. Over the years, I’ve learned so much more about what the Trust does – in addition to preserving land, they also operate community gardens, work on water quality, and encourage young farmers. I’ve gained great respect for the knowledge and expertise of the staff, many of whom I now think of as friends.

So, there was no question that I would include the Trust in my will. Not planning to have that come into being too soon, but when it is…May the good work go on and on forever!

We are thankful to Judy Saner for sharing her story with us. You can create a lasting legacy like Judy by remembering the Peconic Land Trust in your will. For more information, contact Amanda Abraham, Director of Development. Or you can also volunteer at the Trust! Please contact Kathy Kennedy, Senior Manager of Outreach or fill out our volunteer application form.

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