Donor Spotlight | Preserving the Heningburgs Happy Place

June 16, 2022

The Heningburg family at their favorite restaurant in Southampton.

What I love most about the East End is the natural beauty, the variety of plants and farming, as well as experiencing a place with my wife and daughter that I have been coming to since 1967. It’s our happy place, where we can relax, slow down, and really connect.

Donating to the Peconic Land Trust enables us to do something positive for the environment where we have a home. I want to preserve the East End’s beauty for my family who will use our house long after I am gone. The Trust is doing work today that will outlast all of us.

I am amazed year after year at the amazing and creative ways in which the Trust is maintaining green space, which preserves the beauty that makes the East End so special. I am particularly excited and proud of the work that the Trust is doing to assist the Shinnecock people.

For me, conservation means preserving our world and acknowledging the impact of climate change, and that we must take material steps to combat it. In terms of the East End, it means preventing overdevelopment, and preserving green spaces and farmland that make this such a special place. We support the Trust’s efforts to preserve the East End because of their long track record with being creative and getting results.

We’re environmental stewards passing through time, and it’s our obligation to do a responsible job while we have that leadership role. We owe that to the generations that will follow us. The Peconic Land Trust enables us to support the environment and the beauty of the East End, our “Happy Place.”

We are thankful to Michael Heningburg, for sharing his family’s story with us. Donations to our annual fund, like that of the Heningburgs, allow us to continue to protect natural resources on the East End.

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