Meet Our Staff | Deborah Thomas, Director of People and Culture

August 16, 2022

Deborah Thomas, center, with Peconic Land Trust staff at this year's Through Farms and Fields.

I grew up in North Valley Stream and at an early age my mother enrolled me in Girl Scouts. This is where I learned my appreciation of nature and camping, and the importance of National Parks. Although I always enjoyed NYC and its diversity of activity, I find more adventure while I am hiking through the woods discovering nature’s landscape. There is something powerful in listening to the trees talking and the birds singing. As I started moving further east, I began to appreciate Long Island more and more. I want to preserve its history and beauty. I think the media has turned the East End into the Land of the Rich and Famous but there are so many opportunities for everyone to enjoy the trails, wildlife, and ocean views.

I first applied to the Trust because I believed in its mission. I joined the Trust because I believe in its employees. (Plus, the deer showing up to my interview was a convincing factor.) What I learned so far is that the Trust is not only about preserving land but also about preserving people’s personal history. Let’s keep Long Island beautiful and help farmers keep their family farms!

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