Meet the Staff | Janet Schutt

December 8, 2021

I’ve been working at the Peconic Land Trust for 23 years. You could say that I’m passionate about our mission. And here’s why:

I grew up about an hour west of the East End in North Babylon. At the end of my block there was a lake and woods. That was our playground. We would tramp through the woods pretending we were Nancy Drew looking for clues to some made-up mystery. Or build tree forts and lean-tos with my older cousins and friends. Play hide and seek.

Then one day it disappeared. Bulldozers came through clearing a wide swath through the woods and cutting the lake in half to build Route 231. The ecosystem was destroyed. Fish, ducks, and swans floated with oil slicks on my half of the lake. Box turtles, salamanders, and bird nests were crushed beneath the wheels of dump trucks and heavy machinery.

I remember feeling helpless. Like there was nothing I could do to prevent this. At the time, there wasn’t. 

But you’re not helpless. By giving to the Trust, you’re part of a community of like-minded people who want to conserve our woodlands, wetlands, and farmland. Coupled with the expertise and dedication of Peconic Land Trust staff – we can accomplish great things!

My whole family has gotten involved with the Trust over the years. Peconinic has always been a family affair. My husband volunteered as the clam-shucker extraordinaire for many years. And my son was a food runner, garbage hauler, and golf cart driver as he grew from 5 years old when I started to his mid-20s today. Being able to raise my son with an appreciation for the land, nature, and local farmers has been wonderful.

I’m so proud to be part of this amazing community that has already protected over 13,000 acres of rich farmland, majestic woodlands, and stunning wetlands. I hope that you too, take pride in the role you have played in protecting our beautiful East End. We couldn’t do it without you.

I’d love to know … What makes you passionate about conservation? Please share your story with me anytime!
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