Climate Tip | Plant with Your Local Estuary in Mind

June 16, 2021
Water Quality

When renovating your space keep your local estuary in mind. Choosing native plants over invasive, non-native plants will benefit both the environment and you!

Native plants as the name suggests are naturally found in the area. They have adapted to the climate and soil of the area requiring less maintenance and no need for fertilizer. A decreased use of fertilizer will improve the water quality of your local estuary.

Native plants also benefit insects and wildlife that have adapted over time to use them as a food resource. Those same creatures may be unable to eat non-native plants limiting the resources available to them. Native plants also provide a habitat for local pollinators.

Do you live within the Peconic Estuary watershed? If yes, then you might be eligible for the Peconic Estuary Partnership’s Homeowner Rewards Program. This rebate program offers up to $500 for homeowners who take steps to add climate friendly alternatives to their yards. This includes removing pavement, adding rain barrels, and planting native plant gardens. Click here to learn more on their website.

For more ideas of native plantings check out two of our previous webinars, The Importance of Growing Native Plants: A Guide for Your Landscape and Cultivating Nature’s Diversity in Your Backyard.

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