Climate Tip: Smart Planting

February 17, 2021

By Dan Heston


Now is a good time to start planning your garden, so you’re ready to go when early spring arrives. Dan Heston, Director of Agricultural Programs, recommends planting between hedgerows or large wind breaking trees. Laying out a tender planting with hedgerow protection is a must on Long Island due to the presence of hurricanes and tropical storm winds. Keep this in mind as you lay out your garden. Large plantings like deciduous trees with base shrubs or bushy evergreens make excellent wind breaks. But shrubby plants like berry bushes or low growing fruit trees can also be used to protect more fragile crops. Just lay your garden out with plantings between the rows of shrubs.

For more ideas on how to plan your upcoming garden check out this month’s book club pick, Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants by Douglas Tallamy.

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