Behind the Scenes at Pike Farms

June 23, 2023
Farms for the Future

A look into how Pike Farm operates

Nearly 20 people spent the day at Pike Farm on June 10, 2023, to learn about the family-run farm operation.

Jen Pike graciously gave the group a greenhouse tour, and everyone picked freshly grown tomatoes. In addition, attendees received beautiful Pike Farm canvas tote bags. A description of their process included a walk around their trellis system and an insightful explanation of their use of unique pollinators.

In addition, an explanation of the labor-intensive nature of filling seed trays and transporting pollinators like bumble bees showed how special their fruits and vegetables were. We also witnessed a look into their hot versus cold frame before crops get transplanted into the ground.

Tomato Trellis System

This trellis system, where spools of thread hold the tomato plants, is unique because it allows the farm to produce tomatoes as early as June compared to the typical season in August.


Tomato Trellis System

Next, the group drove to the farm off Sagg Main to learn more about the conservation story of their farmland and its effect on the community from Jim Pike. Jim spoke about the growing process and the impact of the labor shortage. This opportunity was an excellent way for people to connect with their local growers and see where their food comes from, in addition to the highs and lows of growing their food.

They ended the tour with a guided walk through the strawberry fields, finishing with the farm stand. We learned about a strawberry’s growing season and how one can plant different crops to provide nutrients into the soil instead of spraying unnecessary pesticides.

This event was part of the Peconic Land Trust’s 40th-anniversary celebration in 2023. Themed “40 for 40,” our Connections activities will take you to 40 special places whose conservation has had an impact.

Thank you to Jennifer and Jim for taking the time for this event!

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