Ways to Give

Lake Agawam

The Lake Agawam Conservation Organization was formed by a group of lakeside residents as well as other concerned citizens and local officials. Our goal is the restoration of Lake Agawam, the jewel of Southampton Village.

You can make a tax-deductible gift in support of the conservation of the lake through the Peconic Land Trust online or by mail to Peconic Land Trust, PO Box 1776, Southampton, NY 11969. Please indicate LACA when making your donation.

Your Lake Needs You

The delicate ecological balance of Lake Agawam has been upset by everyday human activities. The Village & Town of Southampton are working to address many of the stormwater problems around the lake, but this alone cannot restore the lake’s health.

As all of our actions are responsible for the lake’s decline, it will take everyone’s help to improve its health. Here are some suggestions:

Fertilize Wisely

  • Use minimal amounts of fertilizers and pesticides, preferably non-toxic organic varieties (e.g. compost, horticultural oils, etc.) and refrain from fertilizing within 125’ of the lake.

Restore Vegetated Buffers

  • Don’t mow in the buffer zone, unless permitted for habitat management.
  • Maintain a 100’ natural buffer of trees, shrubs or wildflowers between your lawn and the lake.
  • Try some of our native planting suggestions described in the Lake Agawam Owners Guide!

Minimize Harmful Stormwater Runoff

  • Pick up after your dog
  • Clean up any spilled fertilizer or chemicals that fall on hard surfaces.

Maintain Your Septic System

  • Have it inspected every 1-2 years and pumped, as needed.
  • Don’t use additives or pour chemicals down the drain (e.g paint thinner, disinfectants, pesticides).

For questions regarding the Lake Agawam  Conservation Association, visit them online at lakeagawam.com or email to lakeagawam@yahoo.com

Lake Agawam