Ways to Give

Gifts of Property

Gift of Land

Giving your land to the Peconic Land Trust is among the most generous legacies you can leave to future generations. These are some possible benefits you could realize:

  • Ensure permanent protection of the property;
  • Provide you with a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the land;
  • Eliminate capital gains tax on appreciated value, otherwise payable if you sold the land;
  • Remove the property from your taxable estate;
  • Release you from the expense and responsibility of managing the property;
  • Provide long-term financial support for the Trust.

Gift of a Conservation Easement

By making a gift of a conservation easement, these are some possible benefits you could realize:

  • Retain ownership of the land and continue to live on it, sell it, or pass it along to heirs.
  • Protect your property's resources and meet your needs as a landowner.
  • Receive a tax deduction as long as the easement is perpetual and is donated for conversation purposes.
  • Lower your estate taxes, enables heirs to keep the land in their family.
  • Lower property taxes since the assessed value of the land may be decreased.

Gift of other Assets

The Land Trust will also accept a gift of assets other than property. These assets can in turn be sold and the money used for the preservation of other ecologically significant lands. The landowner is eligible for the same tax benefits as a gift of conservation land.

To learn more or to make gift, please contact Kim Quarty, Director of Conservation Planning.

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