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Wading River is often called the gateway to the North Fork. It is here that farms and farm stands begin to dot the landscape – a legacy that continues all the way to Orient.

Development pressure is extremely high. Without preservation, we could lose more of our farmland and scenic open space. That is why the Trust embarked in 2021 on a Wading River Farmland Initiative to conserve this family farm.

The Trust has been working to conserve 6 farmland parcels totaling 38 acres. They are all located on the north and south sides of Route 25A in Wading River, directly east of the Wading River Commons and west of the Shoppes at East Wind.

The total cost of this project was $7,896,758. Though we raised $7,591,758 through grants from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and a bargain sale donation from the landowners, there remained a gap of $305,000 needed to complete this amazing project. 

Thanks to the generosity of this community, this fundraising gap was raised! 145 donors from all over the East End raised their hand in support of farming on Long Island.


The Bigger Picture

By coming together to conserve this farmland and others like it, we’re also:

  • Ensuring that fresh, healthy, locally grown food is available
  • Investing in the local economy
  • Preserving the beauty of the open lands and working farms
  • Protecting drinking water through the farm’s use of smart irrigation technology
  • Helping reduce climate change by building healthy soils that prevent carbon from entering our atmosphere

One Farmer's Story

John and Ginny Condzella, along with their son John, own three of the parcels we are working to conserve, and operate Condzella’s Farm on all six. They open their farm every June to families wanting to pick their own strawberries. They also have a farm stand and sell their produce at farmers markets. In addition to fruits and vegetables like asparagus, garlic, and blackberries, they also grow hops that they sell to local micro-breweries.

The Condzella Family has farmed this land for 100 years. At that time, they owned all 6 of these parcels and more – totaling over 50 acres. But as the years passed, lots were sold off. As John and Ginny’s business has grown, they would like to expand by buying back some of their legacy lands.

To conserve these lands, the Trust – using your gifts and the grant money we’ve been awarded – will purchase the rights to develop these properties and extinguish them. Doing this will lower the market value of the property allowing the Condzellas to purchase the remaining lots and expand their farm for their future generations and yours.

Some "Love Notes" from Project Supporters

“It’s been our privilege – and a pleasure – to contribute to the Peconic Land Trust’s work preserving the Condzella family farm in Wading River. Ina and I took part in a walking tour of the farm last summer, led by John & Ginny, over their current fields of strawberries, asparagus, hops, and late season tomatoes. At the end of the tour we all gathered by an enormous, perfectly restored old barn where we noticed a miniature tractor – a favorite toy of their little grandson who we all hope will be working those same fields one day. We’ve already asked our friends and neighbors to contribute to this good work. We hope you can too.”

“I am inspired by the idea of taking good care of Mother Earth!!”

“One of the things we love most about Wading River is the easy access to nature in all its forms. The farms are a wonderful bonus in our little town, so we wanted to particularly support your effort there.”

“I love the corn fields, the sod farms and horse farms and of course the farm stands and wineries. I don’t want to see developers taking over!”

“After driving ‘out East’ hundreds of times to visit my mother since the early 80’s, I always found Wading River to be the gateway to the region. You are entering ‘the country’—maybe not like it was 100 years ago, but so wildly different than ‘up Island’ to make it exciting. Having three farms within the first mile brought home the knowing that food was grown in the soil on both sides of the car by people you could talk to behind the counter. With all the talk about empty grocery store shelves all over the country I find it very comforting to know that the healthy and fresh food we need is growing in our own neighborhood.”

“Each year as I drive out East, I see increasing construction and commercialization along the way. If we keep building, we will lose our cherished places to unwind and relax.”


The six parcels are located on the north and south sides of Route 25A in Wading River, directly east of the Wading River Commons and west of the Shoppes at East Wind. The current Condzella farm stand and Strawberry U-Pick can be found at 6274 NY-25A, Wading River.

And Finally - Hear from John Condzella Himself

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Wading River Farmland Initiative

Get Directions

Wading River Farmland Initiative

6164 NY-25A, Riverhead, NY 11792

Things To Do

Visit a Farmstand/Tasting Room

Visit a Farmstand/Tasting Room

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