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Preserves Along Goldsmith’s Inlet: Malduties, Peconic Bluffs and Switzer

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Soundview Ave W, Peconic, NY 11958


Between 1999 and 2004, the Peconic Land Trust acquired over nine (9) acres of natural habitat near Goldsmith's Inlet in Southold. The lands feature a combination of undisturbed woodlands, and beautiful freshwater and tidal wetlands. The conservation of these lands eliminated a potential of up to eight (8) residences, and the requisite septic systems. Eight less homes means a significant reduction in nitrogen intrusions into the inlet, which has helped to keep the ecosystem of the area healthy, critically important to the water quality of Goldsmith's Inlet.  Many local residents have also enjoyed the "greenspace" provided to this community.  

Switzer Preserves
The protection of this area began when Hugh Switzer donated three building lots, located in the Goldsmith's Inlet area of Peconic, to the Trust in November 1999. Totaling just a half acre all together, their preservation eliminates the potential development of three residences while preserving wildlife habitat and vistas.

Peconic Bluffs Preserve In January 2003 the Trust acquired the Peconic Bluffs Preserve — just to the west of the Switzer Preserves. The purchase of the property was made possible by donations from neighbors in the community and the Town of Southold acquiring a conservation easement on the land from the Peconic Land Trust.  The 9-acre woodland that included freshwater wetlands had an approved 4-lot subdivision.  Several neighbors have deeded access to a dirt road running both through and along the northern side of the woodlands.

Maldutis Preserve In December 2003, Julius Maldutis, Jr. donated 0.4 acres of woodlands to the Trust, which he had owned since the early 1960s. Situated within the Town’s designated tidal wetlands area, the addition of the Maldutis Preserve enhances in the water quality protection of the inlet.

These areas offer habitat for diverse plants and wildlife, including vernal pools on the Peconic Bluffs Preserve. American beech, White oak, White pine, and Sassafras are among the plants at the Peconic Bluffs Preserve, whereas the shoreline preserves include Hickory, Black oak, Black cherry and successional shrubland.

Habitat for deer, red fox, red-tailed hawks, great horned and screech owls … over 30 New York State protected species of birds … make their home at Peconic Bluffs, and shoreline birds, including Osprey, Great and Snowy Egrets and Kingfisher can be found at Maldutis and Switzer. These preserves provide a wonderful opportunity for bird enthusiasts to explore! We thank Mr. Switzer and Mr. Maldutis for choosing conservation and the community for their support of this beautiful area. 

Want to learn more about the conservation story and the diverse ecosystem of the preserves? Contact Denise Markut, North Fork Stewardship Manager at 631.734.5630. 

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It's best to go to Goldsmith Inlet Park to experience the beauty of this area -- which is on the east side of the inlet, across from the preserves. For more information on visiting the park, click here.

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Preserves Along Goldsmith's Inlet: Malduties, Peconic Bluffs and Switzer

Soundview Ave W, Peconic, NY 11958

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