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Historic Case House at Cleo’s Corner

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Horton Lane and Route 48, Southold, NY


The Peconic Land Trust is undergoing an historic home relocation and restoration project that will not only preserve a piece of Southold's Pre-Revolutionary heritage but will also create a potential home for a new farmer or farmers as part of our Farms for the Future Initiative.

This multi-phase project will result in the relocation the historic Lieutenant Moses Case House, circa 1747, to the corner of Horton’s Lane and County Road 48, and locally referred to as Cleo’s Corner. The Case House had been located a little further east on Route 48 -- and was donated to the Trust in 2018 on the condition of it being moved from the property.

In the first phase, completed in September 2018, the existing house at Cleo’s Corner, which was no longer in livable condition, was removed by SPC Landscape Contracting and the site prepared for a new foundation that will support the Case House. The next three phases include the move of the Case House (about half a mile) followed by a restoration of the exterior of the building to its historic beginnings and a renovation of the interior to provide for functional living space. The move began in January 2019 and was completed (over 4 days) with the house being placed on the new foundation on April 1. The restoration phase of the house will begin later this year.

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The new house will become part of the Trust’s Farms for the Future Initiative and incorporated into our programming at the Agricultural Center at Charnews Farm. With land located both North and South of Route 48 and stretching east of Young’s Avenue to Horton’s Lane to the west, the Agricultural Center is the Trust’s North Fork hub for the Farms for the Future Initiative, with nearly 100 acres of farmland leased to new and existing farm operations. “Because this project is a combination of farmland conservation and historic preservation, both part of our mission, it is a unique model of how the past and present can not only coexist but also sustain one another,” said John v.H. Halsey, President of the Peconic Land Trust.

“The relocation and restoration of the Case House to this land is a substantive way of not only remembering and preserving the legacy of one of our historic Revolutionary-era figures, Lieutenant Case, but connecting it to our agricultural heritage, present and future,” added Tim Caufield, Senior Advisor, Peconic Land Trust.


About Lieutenant Moses Luther Case (1723-1814)

Moses Luther Case was born September 9, 1723 in Southold, Suffolk County and died September 25, 1814 at the age of 91. He was the son of Samuel and Zeriah (Horton) Case and was married to Mary (Hutchinson) Case on February 23, 1748. They had seven (7) children Gilbert Case; Luther Case; Mary Case; Elizabeth “Betsy” (Case) Terry; Martha Case; Moses Luther Case and Matthias Case.

Moses Case was active in the Southold militia ranking as a Lieutenant during the Revolutionary War. He became a Captain in November 1775 and according to the book, “The Descendants of Thomas Hutchinson of Southold, N.Y. 1666-1982”, he signed the Articles of Association in May of 1775. Lieutenant Moses Luther Case is recognized as a Patriot of the Revolution. Upon his death in 1814, he was buried in his home town of Southold, New York.

The Lieutenant Moses Case House

Built in 1747, one year before the marriage of Moses Luther Case and Mary Hutchinson, the Lt. Moses Case house is an historic Southold Town residence. Over the years, the house has been located in three different communities within the Town of Southold, most notably in Peconic on the Main Road where, according to town records, Town Meetings were held.

The double cape design is reflective of the colonial period in which it was built. Exterior and interior changes were begun c. 1840, when the front door was replaced with a then-fashionable Greek Revival-style, side-lighted entrance, decorated with delicate tracery over the panes. A porch with a hipped roof and benches was added to enhance and protect the new front entrance. The roof cornice was widened and the end gables were modified.

The Trust is assembling a historic restoration team for the planning and execution of the exterior and interior restoration of the home, which will both bring back the original architectural beauty of the home and highlight the history of its original owner, Lieutenant Moses Case. The team includes historic architect John Cunniffe of Cunniffe Architects, contractor Sid Beebe of Sid Beebe & Sons Builders, and historic house mover Stanley Kazel of Dawn Movers. In addition to several locations, the house was owned over the years by several prominent North Fork families, including Goodale, Terry, Appley, and King.


About Cleo’s Corner

The Cleo’s Corner property was donated to the Peconic Land Trust by Anne and Tom Hubbard in 2011, as part of a total of three parcels that included the house lot and two open farm fields, totaling 5.7 acres. The Hubbards had previously gifted the development rights on all three parcels to the Town of Southold, which limited any future development of the Cleo’s Corner parcel to the replacement of the existing residence. When the Trust acquired the property, there was a life estate held on the house parcel by Mr. Cleo Sellers, who passed away in 2016. The house had fallen into disrepair, and it was determined that the most appropriate course of action would be to replace the house with a suitable structure. Since the Case House is essentially the same size as the original house on the property, the Town has approved the relocation of the Case House thereby working with the Trust in the protection of its historic significance.

Visitor Information

During the relocation and restoration phases, we invite you to come by the Agricultural Center at Charnews Farm to learn more about our Farms for the Future Initiative and the Community and Learning garden programs. The Ag Center is located at 3005 Young's Avenue -- just across the way from Cleo's Corner.

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Historic Case House at Cleo's Corner

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Historic Case House at Cleo's Corner

Horton Lane and Route 48, Southold, NY

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