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Historic Case House at Cleo’s Corner

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Horton Lane and Route 48, Southold, NY


Affordable Housing for Farmers

Our farms and farmers are vital to the beauty and economy of our town. Restoring the historic Case House will help a farmer by creating a farm that is affordable, complete with a house and five acres of prime fields. Imagine you’re a new farmer, passionate about your work, struggling to get started. You finally find farmland you can afford to rent. You’re working very long days, six to seven days a week, trying to combat all the challenges and uncertain returns that come with farming. Then you can’t find an affordable home for your family nearby so you can keep an eye on your fields. 

This project will help local farmers succeed. 

In 2018, the historic 1747 Lt. Moses Case House was donated to the Trust. The house itself was given to us – not the land it was on. We had to move it to make sure this piece of history was preserved. Luckily, we had a perfect spot – Cleo’s Corner.

Cleo’s Corner is part of the Trust’s Farms for the Future Initiative at Charnews Farm. It’s located on Horton’s Lane and Route 48 in Southold. The property includes a 5-acre farm field that can be leased to new farmers. In 2019 the Case House was moved.

Once the restoration is complete, we hope to find a new farmer who can lease the home and surrounding farmland. They would then have an affordable home overlooking fields they farm, streamlining their work and expenses. And they would be mentored by our staff as part of our Farms for the Future Initiative.

This initiative is a groundbreaking effort designed to give new farmers a helping hand. It provides affordable farmland leases, mentoring, infrastructure, safety training, and equipment. It helps ensure that the farmland we are fighting to preserve remains in agricultural production. If we can include housing that is affordable as well, it will be a win-win for everyone!

Historic Heritage

We’ve all watched as more and more of our historic homes and heritage disappear across the East End. When we discovered the Case House needed help, we knew we had to act quickly.

This double-cape colonial house is like a time capsule. Inside, the original 1747 wide plank floors, plaster, and moldings are reflective of the American Cape Cod style. It was later renovated in 1830. As a result, the house uniquely blends the original American Cape Cod style with the later Greek Revival style common in the mid-19th century.

Help save and restore this piece of history!

It was home to Lt. Moses Case, a member of one of Southold Town’s founding families and a ‘Patriot of the Revolution’. He had this home built in 1747, just before his marriage to Mary Hutchinson, and raised seven children here.

Moses Case was born September 9, 1723 in Southold, Suffolk County and died September 25, 1814 at the age of 91. He was the son of Samuel and Zeriah (Horton) Case and was married to Mary (Hutchinson) Case on February 23, 1748. They had seven (7) children: Gilbert Case, Luther Case, Mary Case, Elizabeth “Betsy” (Case) Terry, Martha Case, Moses Luther Case, and Matthias Case.

Moses Case was a decorated Lieutenant in the local militia during the Revolutionary War. He became a Captain in November 1775 and according to the book, “The Descendants of Thomas Hutchinson of Southold, N.Y. 1666-1982”, he signed the Articles of Association in May of 1775. Lt. Moses Case is recognized as a Patriot of the Revolution. Upon his death in 1814, he was buried in his home town of Southold, New York.

Over the years it’s been home to several north fork families – Goodale, Terry, Appley, and King to name just a few. At one time it even served as a meeting house for the community.

Why Peconic Land Trust?

Along with preserving farms for future generations, and training new farmers, an important part of the Trust’s mission is to preserve our heritage for future generations.

We have a record of preserving historic homes and buildings on the East End and in other parts of Long Island like Stony Brook.

Combining this historic home with preserved farmland to create a farmstead is the perfect mix of historic and farmland preservation. It shows how the past and present can not only coexist, but also sustain one another.


Project Goals

  • Make the house a viable, affordable farm homestead as part of our Farms for the Future Initiative, which trains new farmers.
  • Preserve this historic pre-revolutionary home.
  • Restore the Case House to the best version of the periods it represents, helping to maintain the rural character of the North Fork.

The Project So Far

The first part of the project has been completed. The Case House has been moved and stabilized. Now we’re working on phase 2 - the restoration:

  • Summer 2018 - approvals and permits were obtained from the Town. Contractors and the moving company were lined up.
  • Fall 2018 - the old house on Cleo’s Corner, which was no longer habitable, was torn down. The site was cleared and leveled and a new foundation was poured.
  • Winter/Spring 2019 - the Case house slowly moved across farm fields and 2 roads to finally settle onto its new foundation.
  • Summer 2019 through 2020 - Restoration has begun. The 2nd floor dormer has been reframed, a new front entryway built, windows are being replaced, and a new wood-shingled roof has been added.
  • Winter 2021 through 2022 - Ongoing interior restorations!

To learn more about how the Case House crossed the road, see the following news articles:

A big thank you to the people who helped us with this phase of the project: SPC Landscape Contracting, historic architect John Cunniffe of Cunniffe Architects, contractor Sid Beebe of Sid Beebe & Sons Builders, and historic house mover Stanley Kazel of Dawn Movers.


Be a Part of History!

Thank you to the over 200 donors that have made history so far! Join with them and make your gift today!

Your gift to the Case House project will allow us to carefully restore as much of the period detailing as possible. We’ll have up-to-date electric, plumbing, and bathrooms and a kitchen to make it livable for a modern family as part of our Farms for the Future Initiative.

Contact Alison Delaney, Development Officer at if you would like more information.

About our Farms for the Future Initiative

The Peconic Land Trust is working to ensure that Long Island’s farms and farming communities remain viable and productive now and into the future.

In 2008 we introduced the Farms for the Future Initiative. This groundbreaking program seeks to protect our rich, productive soils for new and established farmers today and for generations to come. Its primary objectives are to:

  1. Create and implement a new set of conservation tools that will keep farmland accessible, affordable, and sustainable.
  2. Buy, protect, rebuild, and resell farms to farmers.
  3. Develop and expand our farmland leasing program to offer land and mentoring to the next generation of farmers.

About Cleo’s Corner

The property at Cleo’s Corner was donated to the Peconic Land Trust by Anne and Tom Hubbard in 2011. It was part of three parcels – a house lot and two open farm fields – totaling 5.7 acres. The Hubbards had previously protected the properties from development with the exception of a replacement to the existing house. When it was given to the Trust, Mr. Cleo Sellers held a life estate on the house. He passed away in 2016.

The house had fallen into disrepair. Trust staff consulted with experts and felt that the house couldn’t be saved. If we wanted to continue to provide housing for our local community, it would have to be replaced. Since the Case House is essentially the same size as the original house on the property it seemed like the perfect option. The Town of Southold agreed and approved the move of the Case House to Cleo’s Corner.

Thank you to the many community members who have supported this project!


Robert and Carol Abrahams

Gary Ackerman and Randy Zant Ackerman

Jerome Adler and Beth Lebowitz

Bernadette and George Aldcroft

Jessica Alfonsi - The Scully Peretsman Foundation

Melissa Andruski

Nick and Mary Antonucci

Frank and Monika Apadula

Laurajean Aupperle

Cyrus and Josephine Bacchi

Muffie and Jim Baker

Denise and James Balzaretti

John Barnes

Suzanna Barucco

Kathleen Kmet Becker

Corinne Case Bednoski

Iris and Frank E. Begora Jr.

Drianne Benner and Kevin Perry

Robert Bennett and Patricia Berg

Jennifer and Mitchell Berg

William Bernhard

Patricia and Denis Bischoff

Norah Bischoff and Jane Winsch

Robin and Jeroen Bours

Mary and Edward Boyle

Susan and William Boyles

Elizabeth and David Branch

Joshua Brand and Brooks McEwen

Mark and Margot Bridgen

Ginger and Lloyd Brokaw

Margaret and Stanley Brown

Clare Browne

Jeanine and Joseph Burke

Constance and Gerard Case

Donna and Joel Catania

Holly and J Mac Cato

Robert and Thomasina Chaffardet

Barbara and Daniel Charnews

Lia and Philip Chasen

Jamie and Paul Colapinto

Jill and Richard Collins

Kathleen and William Collins

Donald Currie and Daniel Gladstone

Donna and Vincent Daley

Michael Daly

John and Beatrice D’Amico

Cecilia Buzio De Torres and Dan Pollock

Kathleen Devore

Ruth and Freddie Diaz

Ken Dolney

Elizabeth Downs

Thomas and Claire Drennan

Eleanor Dunkelman

E & P Cliffside Holdings

Nancy and Peter Eichacker

Mary Eisenstein

Kevin and Mary Ellen Erdman

Sandra Erickson, Ronald Erickson and Danielle Noak

Betty and John Fanneron

Marty and John Farris

Drs. Zafar and Kehm Fatimi

The Currin Feinstein Family

Ann ffolliott

Jan Flaherty

Amy Folk

Mary Lou Folts

Ignatia and Fortunato Foti

John French

Albert and Lori Gabberty

The Malcolm Gibbs Foundation

Annette Golden

Dinni Gordon

Jean Graham

Dorothy Grella

Catherine and Robert Harper

Lucie Harris

Gerard and Cecelia Hauser

Christine and Robert Hempel

John and Sally Henry

Kathleen and Dennis Hickey

Lynn Hildenbrand

George and Linda Hossenlopp

Walter and Joanne Hulse

Roberta Jaklevic

Susan Johnson

Dawn and Marc Johnston

Katina and Dennis Karagounis

Karen Karp and Christiaan Batten

Russ Karsten

Helen and Robert Keith

Kathleen and Mortimer M. Kelly III

David and Pamela Kenney

Anita Knowlton and Elaine Cornett-Lang

Barbara and George Koch

Jane Kosovsky

Susan Kowalchuk and Neal Simon

Lynn and George Krug

Kevin Lalor and Virginia Selva

Gretchen and Peter Lang

Latham Sand & Gravel, Inc.

Ethna and Lester Lay

Susannah Leete and Eli Martin

Lois Leonard

David Lewis and Louise Cohen

Amy and Stephen Licata

Vicki Lisa

Judith Little

Roseanne Lofaso

Mary and Blaise Lombardo

Patricia Lowry and John Touhey

Consuelo and Thomas Ludlam

Patricia Lutkins

Michael Macco and Lynn Smiarowski

Ann M. Mallouk

Adriana Martinez and Matthew Werstein

Mae and Tom Mauri

Margaret and Anthony McDonald

Ann Marie and James McHale

Tabitha and Bian McQuade

Mary Anne Messina

Alice and Peter Mignerey

William and Patricia Milford

Leueen and Gordon Miller

Jaci Miller Osdoby and Steven Osdoby

Elizabeth and Justin Mirro

Mary and Timothy Moylan

Timothy Mueller

Ottiley Mullady

Ellen Neff

Peninah and Harold Neimark

James Nenopoulos

Joyce and Stuart Newman

Vera and Kenneth Nieuwenhuis

John Oldenburg and Lara Wooten

Deborah Ostrosky

Lisa and Thomas Owens

Louis and Louise Paolillo

Perri and Richard Parlini

Otis and Nancy Pearsall

Patrick Perrella

Erna and Kenneth Peterson

Susan Petrie-Badertscher

Rosanna Piazza and Jose Miguez

Susan and John Pitman

Ann Plyler and Roseann Margiotta

Clifford Polacek

John Pontisakos

Mary and Robert Ponzo

Wendy Prellwitz

Jeannette and Peter Prostowich

David Pugh and Tina Silvestri

Anne and Jeff Pundyk

Paul Raso

Robert and Barbara Rath

James F. Reeve

Marilyn and David Rivkin

Patsy Rogers

Maria and Liberio Romano

Marcelle and Marc Rothenberg

Ann and Tom Rozakis

Catherine Russ and Thomas Kelly

Glenna and Donald Ryan

Judith Saner

Holly Sanford

William Saurer

Jen and Tom Schlecht

Judith and Otto Schmid

Rosemary Schneider

Barbara Schnitzler and William Finkelstein

Cynthia and Donald Scholl

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Sepenoski, Jr.

Harriet Sharkey-Ingoglia

Julie and Nick Silvino

Barbara Slifka

Elizabeth and William Smith

Mark Solo

Southold Chapter NSDAR

Patricia Spicer

Cora Stoll

Walter J. Strohmeyer Jr.

Andrew Stype Reality, Inc

Rev. and Mrs. George and Lynn Summers

Barbara and Raymond Terry

Sherry and Ted Thirlby

Gail Tiska-Flurry and Steve Flurry

Alice and George Todd MD

Allison Tupper

Constance Tupper

Martha and Stephen Ulman

Eileen VanGelder

Gus and Anthippe Vasilakis

Antonia von Zuben

Andrew Walsh

Eric M. Wechsler and Philip A. Kovacevich


Caroline and Richard Yates

Judith and Joseph Zalner

Eric and Michelle Zhai

Visitor Information

During the relocation and restoration phases, we invite you to come by the Agricultural Center at Charnews Farm to learn more about our Farms for the Future Initiative and the Community and Learning garden programs. The Ag Center is located at 3005 Young's Avenue -- just across the way from Cleo's Corner.

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Historic Case House at Cleo's Corner

Get Directions

Historic Case House at Cleo's Corner

Horton Lane and Route 48, Southold, NY

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Help us create a farmstead with the restoration of the 1747 Case House!

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