Poetry Book Launched

October 20, 2022
Bridge Gardens
Quail Hill Farm

Writing the Land: Windblown I

Earlier this year, the Trust was invited to become a part of Writing the Land, a partnership between the environmental and creative communities. Throughout the year poets Scott Chaskey and Lori Landau visited our preserves to become inspired by the land.

Time spent at Bridge Gardens, Quail Hill Farm, Reel Point Preserve, and the Smith Corner Preserve resulted in nine poems that appear in the anthology, Writing the Land: Windblown I. They are joined by 23 other poets and 10 other land trusts throughout the country.

“Writing the Land is an attempt to honor nature and our relationship with it in a way that is as equitable and transparent as it is deep and entangled. We intend to be as inclusive — to humans and places — as we hope the mantle of protection that land trusts offer can be. Our work will never be complete but gains strength, depth, beauty, and energy in a multitude of voices.” — Lis McLoughlin, PhD; Project Director Writing the Land.

You can purchase your own copy from our shop.

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