New Generation of Environmentalists | Alexandra Bova Returns to the Trust

July 14, 2023

Have you ever found yourself lost in the wilderness, unsure of which path to take? Our returning Stewardship Intern, Alexandra Bova, had a similar experience on her first day at the Peconic Land Trust in the summer of 2022. As she wandered through one of the Trust’s large preserves, her lack of direction led her astray. Little did she know that moment of being lost would lead her to not only learn how to use a compass but deciding to attend graduate school at NYU for Public Health with a concentration on environmental health sciences in the fall.

Last summer, Alexandra embarked in her hooded Tyvek Suit, where she documented native species and immersed herself in the world of conservation. Now, she’s back for another summer, but this time, doing more administrative work, field work, and site visits. She’s excited and grateful to be back and ready to expand on her previous knowledge and gain more experience in the field.


When asked if her goals and aspirations had changed since first starting off at the Trust last summer, she stated that her aspirations definitely changed; “I had no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated. I was trying a whole lot of different internships and I was seeing if conservation was the route I wanted to go into.” She is excited to see how this experience translates to the field of public health and how it is directly related to the quality of our resources.


Do you know a high school or college student interested in a conservation based internship? Please have them send a resume and brief cover letter to Human Resources at

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