Meet our Newest Staff Member: Mike Ryan

June 4, 2021

Mike Ryan


Hi everyone! My name is Michael and I just started with the Land Trust at the beginning of May. I am a Southold local and am so proud to be from this beautiful corner of the earth. I decided to apply for this position because it seemed like a wonderful opportunity to spend the summer outdoors and learn some valuable life skills to boot. I’m so excited for the chance to meet and work with you all!


My favorite outdoor activity is playing basketball. I love hooping with my friends and I occasionally play in a recreation league hosted by the town. Sports have always been a passion of mine and I like to play them every chance I get.

During my free time I enjoy reading books and watching TV shows and movies about history. I was a history major in college at Fordham University, and it is my greatest passion in life. If any of you are also history buffs I’d love to chat about our favorite historical periods and maybe discover some new books to check out. I particularly enjoyed any books written by the greatest historian ever Barbara Tuchman. I also am partial to the HBO series ROME.

My favorite color is green, which I suppose is convenient to someone who spends most of their working hours with plants! I was born and raised a cat person, but I love dogs and all other types of animals too.

Once again, I am very excited for this opportunity to be working alongside you all this summer. Some of you I have already met, but to everyone else just come up and say hello when you get a chance!

Mike’s note was adapted from a letter to the community gardeners at the Trust’s Agricultural Center at Charnews Farm. You can spot Mike working at the Trust’s Agricultural Center at Charnews Farm and the North Fork Stewardship Center in Cutchogue.

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