Meet Advanced Apprentice | Miriam Kudler-Flam

August 13, 2018

Miriam Kudler-Flam

Quail Hill Farm

My favorite part of Quail Hill harvest day is watching members in the fields with children in tow. I believe that bringing your young ones to Quail Hill is one of the most promising and far-reaching ways to invest in the future of organic agriculture!

I grew up in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. The region has a rich history of agriculture, given fertile soils off the Connecticut River. My earliest memories of farming were as a 4 year old, watching chickens squawk around the coop and picking string beans from the field. Later, I remember afternoons when my friends and I would pick strawberries and snap peas and try to sell them off to our neighbors.

My early and enduring interest in farming wasn’t because my parents are farmers, gardeners, or even particularly “outdoorsy”. Instead, I attribute my earliest inklings of love for the land to my family’s membership at a local CSA, where I learned and experienced first-hand how good food is grown.


I know that for those of you who have brought youngsters to the farm, you have likely watched as they eagerly uncover potatoes or delight in the arrival of cherry tomatoes. I can imagine that introducing them to your farm community brings you a special joy and opportunity for connection. I want to suggest that more than just a pleasant activity, bringing the young people in your lives to this community is a small act of hope and a prayer for a more resilient future. In a time where our industrial food system is failing us, and our earth’s climatic future is tenuous, enabling children to develop a deep connection with the land can encourage them to become conscious adults, and maybe even farmers themselves!

In honor of all the kid farmers at Quail Hill, I’ve written a little scavenger hunt for you and your kidos to enjoy this summer! (Thank you to the member who inspired this idea by showing me her own version a few weeks ago!)

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