Meet Advanced Apprentice: Grace Conklin

Quail Hill Farm
June 27, 2018

Grace Conklin

Hello to everyone reading! I’m Grace Conklin, you may have seen this lovely photo of me taken by Layton on our Quail Hill instagram.

Being a part of this stewardship project to me is more than just a job, we all consider the farm to be a big part of home. I come from a family of potato farmers in Watermill, as children my brother and I knew this soil beneath our feet was not only our playground, but our future.

For the past few decades my father and his brother have been operating a tree nursery on the land. Its my goal to bring it back to producing food for ourselves & the community — to who support us. Growing flowers part time last year & this year as a full time apprentice (veggies & all!) has started to provoke those feelings again.

Traveling in the years coming to learn how other organic practicing farms raise their products and care for produce is my personal mission. Adopting skills from those places and trying new things at home, inviting the folks I meet along the way to share our special slice of the earth for a while too.

Building & keeping this close community of like-minded young farmers who share desire to learn and educate others on organic food systems can only project our efforts stronger. We have a hunger that can only be satisfied by getting dirty and laughing along the way. How our flora and fauna affect the things we eat is something everyone should know.

I can say it is such a treat to be able to bring these local beauties & bouquets into florists & restaurants with the knowledge to boot. You could probably find me enjoying some Quail Hill Farm greens and having a local ingredient-based cocktail down at Almond Bridgehampton with Steve, the crafty bartender & my partner.

Happy harvesting to all this season!