International Day of Forests

March 21, 2021

Happy International Day of Forests! To celebrate, take a walk at the Trust’s High Point Preserve in North Amagansett. The preserve is part of an assemblage of 600 acres of protected woodlands. The preserve contains a mixture of pitch pine, oak, beech, hickory and maple forest.

Maggie de Cuevas donated the parcel to the Trust in 2003. The nearly 50 acres of hilly terrain provides a fantastic view of Three Mile Harbor. The view is best seen at this time of year before all the foliage grows back in the Spring and Summer.
In addition to recreational value, the preserve is part of the Town of East Hampton’s Water Recharge Overlay District. The land sits above the deepest part of the aquifer, our sole source of drinking water on Long Island.

The forest is also a sanctuary for wildlife including migratory birds, as well as many of New York State’s protected birds who call this preserve home: red-tailed hawk, great horned owl, screech owl, American kestrel, downy woodpecker, American robin and eastern bluebird.

While at the High Point Preserve you can hike part of the Paumanok Path. If you’re looking for even more trees, the preserve adjoins the Trust’s Accabonac and Silver Beech Preserves.

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