Donor Spotlight | Ellen Fries

May 16, 2019
Quail Hill Farm

on Quail Hill Farm and Conservation

“Quail Hill Farm has been part of our family’s meal planning for 18 years now. There is nothing like pulling a radish out of the soil, or gathering squash blossoms and just the right size zucchini for the particular dish I want to feed my family. Or discovering new varieties of tomatoes, or peppers, or lettuces. We learn new things about our food every week.

“My kids grew into adults, sharing in the excitement of Saturday morning farming. Then we’d all gather in the kitchen to wash the harvest of the week, and lay it out on the countertop to fantasize about our plans for these beautiful gifts. Now our grandchildren do the same. Such continuity moves me deeply.


“I have always loved the light and the open spaces – the access to fields, forests, and the shoreline. It connects us to the abundance of locally sourced produce and seafood, as well as to the history of the area.

“The magnificence and tranquility of the East End feels so terribly fragile. I am deeply grateful for organizations like Peconic Land Trust, and the many committed folks who are working to protect these increasingly rare and precious natural resources.

“These days, it seems there are so many extremely important places to contribute to the well-being of the world – thinking about the future, and what we leave to our children and grandchildren. Supporting the Trust feels close and personal – somewhat distinct from the abstraction of ideas, values, and beliefs. We experience the impact intimately, through all of our senses.”

Thank You Ellen for being such an important part of our Community.

You too can experience the pleasure of fresh local food.

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