Build a Birdhouse with Peconic Land Trust – Video Workshop

April 17, 2021

By Kathleen Kennedy


In honor of Earth Day (April 22), join the Peconic Land Trust to create a birdhouse! 

Kathy Kennedy and her husband Brian lead us through our traditional Birdhouse Building workshop. 

Follow along …

You’ve created your own birdhouse - Congratulations!

Thanks for joining with us to create a nesting box for our feathered friends! The size of the hole in a birdbox helps determine what kind of bird will live in it. This birdhouse has a 1 1/8” hole, perfect for Carolina Wren, chickadees, finch and sparrows. Hang your birdhouse on a tree, provide a water source like a birdbath, and enjoy watching their activities. Feel free to send us a photo of your finished birdhouse if you’d like to be included in future social media!

Enjoy your birdhouse - and join us again for more fun programs! We also want to thank Brian Kennedy of Fixhampton for making the kits and guiding us along, and Riverhead Building Supply for donating the materials every year for this fun workshop.

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