Bridge Gardens Celebrates National Public Gardens Week

photo by Jeff Heatley

May 10, 2020

By Rick Bogusch, Kathleen Kennedy

Bridge Gardens

Join us as Rick Bogusch introduces you to different parts of the garden, during this day to day tour!

Join us all week — Sunday, May 10 through Sunday, May 17 — as we celebrate National Public Gardens Week at Bridge Gardens. Each day, we’ll share a new video with Garden Director Rick Bogusch as he takes us through the gardens and introduces us to different parts of the gardens and some of his favorite plants!

Day one: Summer Snowflakes and St. Olaf Geraniums!

Here we are on Day 2, May 11, and join Rick as he continues his week-long introduction of some of his favorite places and plants at Bridge Gardens. Today, Rick shows off more of the trees, shrubs, and flowers at the top of the inner garden including the Japanese Maple, Bush Honeysuckle, and the beautiful crabapple tree. Enjoy!

And on Day 3 of our tour of Bridge Gardens in celebration of National Public Gardens Day, Rick introduces us to the Inner Gardens Oak Leaf Hydrangea.

Today, on Day 4, we move down to the herb garden and Rick introduces us to the Dye Bed and the herb Woad!

Rick continues his tour of the gardens, and today he talks about the gardens edible landscape and introduces us currents on Day 5!

On Day 6, Rick introduces us to the Rose Garden. While early, Rick talks about the plans for this special part of the gardens.

Today, on Day 7, Rick talks about the latest additions to the gardens, the pear and apple orchard in the outer garden.

We’ve enjoyed showing you around Bridge Gardens this week! On Day 8, Sunday, May 17 — here is the finale of Rick’s tour for National Public Gardens Week. Today, Rick talks about a few of the native groundcover plants at the gardens that may be just right for your home garden.

We hope you enjoyed the tour and look forward to your next visit. The gardens are open everyday from 10 am to 4 pm — with free admission. You can help the gardens grow by joining today as a member!

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