A Walk in the Garden with Angus Towse

August 10, 2021

By Yvette DeBow-Salsedo

Bridge Gardens

The sun came out on Saturday, as we toured the herb garden to learn about medicinal plants and herbs with Angus Towse (MSOM LAc) – and what a treat it was!

Angus was a wealth of information on the curative properties of a variety of herbs that are commonly grown here on Long Island. From elderberry (for colds) to stinging nettles (for arthritis), to others that help boost the immune system, including echinacea and many members of the mint family, such as lemon balm. One of the herbs found in the herb garden’s culinary bed is Perilla, often called shiso or Japanese basil. Combined with ginger, it makes a warming tea on a chilly day. Even the leaves of the artichoke plant can be made into an extract to help with digestion. Chamomile and rose petals (Rosa rugosa) are known for their calming effect. And yarrow to treat wounds, scrapes, and cuts.

Angus’ advice for those for those wanting to explore medicinal herbs in depth: Take a year or two to study the plant, from leaf to stem to root — and throughout the seasons. And a few helpful places to begin your journey:

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