Happenings at the Ag Center Community Gardens: A Note from Jessie

June 2, 2021

By Jessie McSwane


When I was a child, probably about 12 years old, I decided that every day I lived was an opportunity to learn something new. That’s been the driving force behind how I live my life. Keep learning, keep growing. And now, very much not a child anymore, I find myself daily standing in my yard, covered in wet grass, a bit of mud, and loads of pollen and daily realizing that I certainly don’t know much at all! It’s truly a wonder and I’m thrilled that I get to keep learning every day. 

This season, I had to learn how to deal with a squirrel that did not want me planting new things. On multiple, beautiful spring mornings, I would walk around to observe my hard work – just to see the bulbs and young plants dug out and tossed across the garden! I’m also working on growing my identification abilities. Learning to recognize plants throughout the year, and not just when they flower or leaf out.


See that hole there? There was a plant in it…sneaky squirrel did not approve.

Truth is, I’m a dusty mess and I know nothing. But that just means I can look forward to more learning, more striving, and more growth. I’m ok with that!…and would you look at those roses?


Oh yeah…I just met my newest dependent chomping away at my wildflowers. So for anyone who is keeping count, that’s one daughter, two cats, a gecko, a brood of starlings nested in a kitchen vent, a spiteful squirrel, and a groundhog. Any suggestions on names for this guy?


We had a great turn out for our Volunteer Day at the Farm – thank you to those who joined! While many garden beds were beautified, we also had a team take on the overgrown Pollinator Garden in Pioneer Valley. It has never looked better! If anyone wants to continue to maintain it through the year, that absolutely counts as volunteer time. And we very much appreciate it!


Jessie’s note was adapted from her letter to the community gardeners at the Trust’s Agricultural Center at Charnews Farm. Interested in becoming a community gardener, click here to learn more.

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