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The Peconic Land Trust, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was established in 1983 by John v.H. Halsey and a small group of local residents to ensure the protection of Long Island’s working farms, natural lands, and heritage. Since 1983, the Trust has worked diligently with landowners, communities, municipalities, and partner organizations to protect 12,000 acres of land, conserving more working farms on Long Island than any other private conservation organization, and securing millions of dollars from the public and private sector for land protection.

Our Goals

  1. Increase the pace of our conservation work by protecting more working farms, natural lands, and watershed areas.
  2. Excel as a regional and national leader for innovative and effective conservation planning and acquisition for landowners, communities, and municipalities.
  3. Promote the viability and vitality of Long Island's agricultural and maritime industries by creating new tools to counter the loss of affordable land and housing.
  4. Protect historic sites, structures, and other resources that contribute to community character.
  5. Execute our work in ways that support the cultural and economic diversity of Long Island communities and promote the creation of work force housing. 
  1. Conduct educational programs about conservation, the role of the Trust, and the land we have protected.
  2. Provide multiple opportunities for people to experience the land as an essential element of their lives.
  3. Empower our staff, Board, and volunteers to be messengers of the Trust's mission.
  4. Enhance the volunteer program in order to engage the community and to extend the work of the Trust.
  5. Expand and strengthen coalitions with other organizations to further our mission.
  1. Provide land management and stewardship services that are economically and environmentally sustainable.
  2. Optimize stewardship at all of our preserves by developing and implementing strategic management plans, including land restoration.
  3. Increase effectiveness of our stewardship centers and evaluate need for additional locations.
  4. Develop and share sound land management and stewardship practices that serve as models for others.
  5. Operate all Trust facilities in an energy efficient manner.
  6. Manage every aspect of our work and operations in a conservation-minded way -- reduce, reuse, recycle whenever possible.
  7. Educate ourselves about the impact of climate change on the work we do and adapt accordingly.

  1. Maintain a “donor-centric” organization in which Board, staff, and volunteers cultivate relationships that are necessary to the success of our mission.
  2. Effectively engage our Trustees Council, President’s Council, Board and staff in fundraising activities.
  3. Increase the number of annual fund donors by 15% per year.
  4. Identify and implement innovative/entrepreneurial business ventures and profit centers, consistent with our mission, to generate revenue.
  5. Expand our donor base to reflect changing demographics in our community.
  6. Formalize a planned giving program.
  1. Embrace change and strive for excellence in all that we do.
  2. Establish additional opportunities for staff to influence the process of change.
  3. Acquire a building or land to establish a permanent central office.
  4. Develop a coordinated, organization-wide internship program.
  5. Conduct staff and Board training and development that encourages mentoring and offers opportunities for professional and personal growth.
  6. Encourage diversity of Board, staff, and volunteers to reflect changing demographics.
  1. Analyze public policy issues and formulate positions and strategies.
  2. Educate and inform ourselves, our constituents, and the general public about these issues.
  3. Meet regularly with public officials at all levels to further our public policy goals.
  4. Build new coalitions of diverse interests to achieve consensus on public policy issues and strategies.
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Boards and Councils

Our Board’s dedication to conserving Long Island’s working farms, natural lands and heritage is unmatched. The Trust’s Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the organization’s mission and setting policies to carry out the mission, and, as required by law, the oversight of the organization’s finances and operations. The Board works closely with its professional staff to determine and advance the Trust's strategic goals, as we work on behalf of our communities to protect the places we know and love. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Vice President Julie Zaykowski at 631-283-3195.

Stephen M. Jones


Edward Krug

Vice Chair

John v.H. Halsey


Michael A. Ferrante


Nancy Gilbert


Carol M. Ahlers

Harriet H. Dresher

Nancy Goell

Jane Iselin

Thomas A. Isles

John E. Larkin

John S. Norbeck

Gregg Rivara

Peter J. Talty

E. Blair McCaslin

Board Chair Emeritus

Thomas B. Williams

Board Chair Emeritus

Jennifer B. Pike

The Peconic Legacy Circle includes individuals and families who have reached out to us and let us know their intention to remember the Trust in their estate planning. Legacy gifts are among the most meaningful ways to ensure that Long Island’s beautiful beaches, clean water, working farms, majestic woodland and pristine wetlands will be protected for generations to come.  We thank all our Peconic Legacy Circle members for joining us in looking towards a future that values the working farms, natural lands and the heritage we all share. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Director of Development, Amanda Abraham, at 631-283-3195.

  • Maddy Beckwith
  • Glorian L. Berk
  • Thomas K. Chu
  • Robert de Zafra
  • John and Candice Frawley
  • Nancy Gilbert
  • Susan Gullia
  • Jean R. Held
  • Jane T. Iselin
  • Kathleen King
  • Anne Lange
  • Joe Mc Kay
  • Sandra Powers
  • Carol Steinberg

The Trustees Council members support our work and further the Trust’s mission in both an advisory and honorary capacity. Council members are a diverse group of donors, representing communities across Long Island, with a shared commitment to the mission of the Trust. Members are recommended by the Trust’s President, John v.H. Halsey, and the Trust’s Board of Directors on an annual basis.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact President John v.H. Halsey at 631-283-3195.

  • Louis M. Bacon
  • John de Cuevas
  • Margaret de Cuevas and Eric Schott
  • Peggy and Millard Drexler
  • RaineyDay and John Erwin
  • Beverley M. Galban
  • John and Sally Henry
  • Kathleen King
  • Tony Kiser
  • Nancy and Howard Marks
  • Maxwell Ryan
  • Barbara Slifka
  • Philippa Weismann and Lucy Veltri

The President’s Council members support our work and further the Trust’s mission in both an advisory and honorary capacity. Council members are a diverse group of donors, representing communities across Long Island, with a shared commitment to the mission of the Trust. Members are recommended by the Trust’s President, John v.H. Halsey, and the Trust’s Board of Directors on an annual basis.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact President John v.H. Halsey at 631-283-3195.

  • Diana and Kenneth Adams
  • Ronald E. Ahlers and Carol Mulvihill Ahlers
  • Eric Altmann
  • Avalon Park and Preserve
  • John Bacon
  • Lisa M. Baker
  • Gabriela and Robert Baron
  • Betsy L. Battle
  • Maddy Beckwith
  • Kathy and Gene Bernstein
  • David Bohnett
  • Claire Siegbert Boody
  • Bobbie Braun - The Neuwirth Foundation
  • Rob and Carolyn Brennan
  • Marcia Bystryn
  • EJ Camp and Laura Weil
  • Bryan and Jessica Cho
  • Clifford and Leslie Cohen
  • Michael Coles and Edie Landeck
  • Theodore B. Conklin
  • Peg and Peter D'Angelo
  • Richard De Rose and Emma Clurman
  • Marc and MaryLou de Venoge
  • Alan and Harriet Dresher
  • Susan Edwards and Ian Ziskin
  • John and Marie Evans
  • Laura and Michael Ferrante
  • Ann ffolliott
  • Emilie Filmer-Wilson
  • Hans F.W. Flick
  • John and Candice Frawley
  • Martie and Rick Fritz
  • Susan and Gary Garrabrant
  • Emily and Huntley Garriott
  • Joan and Tom Geismar
  • Nancy Gilbert and Richard Wines
  • Nancy and Tom Gleason
  • Suzanne and John Golden
  • Mary Cox Golden
  • GreenLogic
  • Susan Gullia
  • Joan and Troy Gustavson
  • Madelaine Haberman and Michael Sprung
  • Tricia Hammes
  • Jonathan Hoefler and Carleen Borsella
  • Carolyn and David Holstein
  • George and Linda Hossenlopp
  • Dan Houser and Krystyna Houser
  • Bettysue and Jeff Hughes
  • David and Alice Hunt
  • Merrin Jenkins
  • Sim and Lisa Johnston
  • John Josephson and Carolina Zapf
  • Ed Krug and John Haubrich
  • David Lapham and Clark Mitchell
  • Alexander and Judith Laughlin
  • Ken and Jeanne Levy-Church
  • Barbara and Robert Liberman
  • Jacqueline LiCalzi
  • Marjori R. Ludlow
  • James MacGregor
  • William L. Mack
  • Mark and Nina Magowan
  • Joe Mc Kay
  • Patricia E. McIntyre
  • Jessica Mezzacappa and John Zieman
  • Nancy Ford Miller
  • Louise and David S. Milligan
  • Elaine Monroe
  • Garrett and Mary Moran
  • Thomas and Mary Morgan
  • Olivia DeBolt Motch
  • Paige and Art Nagle
  • Susan and Kevin Nasello
  • John and Connie Norbeck
  • Liz and Gus Oliver
  • Marilyn and Arthur Penn
  • Drianne Benner and Kevin Perry
  • Barbara A. and Warren H. Phillips
  • Dr. Victoria Phillips
  • Sharon Pietrzak
  • James Pike
  • Richard Ravitch and Kathleen Doyle
  • Joseph Ravitch and Lisa Wolfe
  • Katharine and William Rayner
  • Tim and Cameron Rice
  • Benjamin Rice and Julia Fahey
  • Arleen and Robert S. Rifkind
  • Andrzej and Malgorzata Rojek
  • Mrs. Janet C. Ross, J&AR Foundation
  • Guy and Marie Rutherfurd
  • Toni and Michele Sacconaghi
  • Judith Saner
  • Linda Sanford
  • Mr. and Mrs. Andres Santo Domingo
  • Sophia D. Schachter
  • Val Schaffner
  • Peter Shepherd
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smart
  • David C Smith, Esq. for the Makowski Trust
  • Herbert J. and Marsha K. Stern
  • The Stoll Family
  • Lauren Stone
  • Jeff and Patsy Tarr
  • Fern and Lenard Tessler
  • The Michaels Family Foundation
  • Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch
  • Peter and Irene Treiber
  • George and Mary Gwen Tyda
  • Mr. Glyn D. Vincent
  • Andrea and Paul Vizcarrondo
  • Eric M. Wechsler and Philip A. Kovacevich
  • Chris Wedge and Jeanne Market
  • Pamela Weekes
  • Marissa Wesely and Fred Hamerman
  • Paul and Kathryn White
  • Debbie and Richard Wilpon
  • Peter Wilson
  • Marie and Kenneth Wong
  • Marjorie J. Wright
  • Lloyd Zuckerberg and Charlotte Triefus

Throughout the years, the Peconic Land Trust has been fortunate to have the advice and counsel from many individuals who have generously given their time, experience and financial support to help us fulfill our mission of conserving Long Island’s working farms, natural lands and heritage. Our work would not be possible without their guidance throughout the years.

  • Lucy Bradley*
  • Douglas W. Campbell IV
  • Julie P. DeBold
  • Lee Foster
  • Marilee Foster
  • Herbert Golden*
  • Charlotte Hanson
  • Richard Hogan
  • Katherine Kazanas
  • Richard W. King
  • Albert J. Krupski, Jr.
  • Hilary Leff
  • Deborah Ann Light*
  • Pingree W. Louchheim
  • Robert M. Meltzer*
  • Brian R. McCaffrey
  • Mary Foster Morgan
  • Thomas Owen Morgan
  • David R. Osborn
  • Randall T. Parsons
  • Edward P. Sharretts, Jr.*
  • Betty Smith*
  • Donald Willits Smith*
  • Roger A. Smith
  • Paul Stoutenburg*
  • Herbert J. Strobel
  • Terry Stubelek
  • Thomas Thorsen
  • Thomas J. Tobin
  • Joseph J. Townsend, Jr.
  • Edwin Fishel Tuccio
  • John Van Deventer, Jr.*
  • Wesley W. von Schack
  • Stephen Weir
  • Thomas Wickham
  • Roy L. Wines, Jr.*
  • Barbara Brush Wright*
  • Lloyd P. Zuckerberg
  • * deceased


The following are just some of the organizations the Peconic Land Trust works with to conserve and protect Long Island's working farms, natural lands and heritage.

Oysterponds Historical Society
South Fork Land Foundation


The Peconic Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.  All gifts made to the Trust are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Federal ID #: 11-2667021

A copy of the Peconic Land Trust's financial report, filed with the New York State Attorney General, may be obtained by writing to:

  • Office of the Attorney General, Department of Law, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271, or 
  • The Peconic Land Trust, P.O. Box 1776, Southampton, NY 11969.
  • or by visit the Peconic Land Trust's page on GuideStar.
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Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1776
Southampton NY 11969

Southampton Office
296 Hampton Rd
Southampton, NY 11968
631-283-0235 (fax)
North Fork Stewardship Center
22600 Main Rd
Cutchogue, NY 11935
631-734-5635 (fax)
Quail Hill Community Farm
660 Old Stone Hwy
Amagansett, NY 11930
631-267-8492 (fax)
Bridge Gardens
36 Mitchell Ln
Bridgehampton, NY 11932
631-283-0235 (fax)